Monday, July 12, 2010

Toy Story 3

Jillian could and would watch TV and movies all day if I let her. Don't worry...I don't. Jules on the other hand, has some major ADD when it comes to sitting there and watching anything. She always wants something specific on (Dora, Mickey, Backyardigans), but 10 seconds after it is on, she is gone doing something else. The only time she ever watches anything is in the car...and her number 1 choice is ALWAYS...WOODY!!! The child loves Toy Story. She loves Woody. In fact at random times in public she will shout out, "Mom, I love Woody!" This is always an embarrassing moment for Seth and I! Ha Ha!

Well, I have personally been looking forward to Toy Story 3 coming out for a while now. I decided that this would be Jules' first movie in the theatre. I thought for sure she would sit there if Woody was on (and I was stuffing her full of candy and popcorn!). So, as a family of 4, we headed out to our first movie together. Jillian did great, although scared of the creepy clown and big baby on occasion. Jules, well, she has Movie ADD! She moved around the entire time. I broke out in a nice sweat while wrestling her for the 2 hours, but somehow I never had to take her out. I am sure she has a few cavities to show for it after eating about 278 skittles, but hey...we made it through! I can't wait to actually see the movie again when it comes out on DVD and really enjoy it!

Jules thinking she is excited on the way to the movies, although she really has no idea what is going on!

The girls getting all geared up to watch the show!

Doesn't she look excited? Actually, she was amazed walking though the huge lobby and I think she was enthralled with all the lights and action going on out there.

Happy girls

This girl loves her some popcorn!

Ready for WOODY!!

And if by chance anyone from Disney or Pixar is reading my blog...

PLEASE do not put 30 minutes of previews and one short Pixar film before the actual movie! I mean, come on, we are dealing with children here and we need to get to the main event ASAP! Thanks!


Brandi said...

I totally agree with the previews before the movie. Drives me crazy!!! My kids can only hang for so long. Your girls are so cute!

Amy said...

I could SERIOUSLY copy and paste this post to my own blog, changing the names the Truett and Emma, of course! Truett does great in the theater, and as long as Emma has Twizzlers or some sort of 'snack', she's good to go....well, that is, we don't have to take her out of the theater. She watches the movie but does NOT sit in her chair! :) Yeah...after about 10 minutes of previews, I start to get aggravated because I'm counting down to how long it will be before one of my kids will be WAY over it! hahaha!

Mindy said...

I took Elem to see this too! And of course the movie was AMAZING! It was only his 2nd movie ever so after about 20 minutes he kept asking if it was over, but in the end he really enjoyed it. Looks like the food option does wonders for all our toddlers huh?