Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Seth's Big 30

Just a few short weeks ago, my main man turned 30! Of course, his birthday fell right in the midst of our move. I wanted him to feel special and not like it got lost in our other business! He had to work on his actual birthday...and then that night we went out to his favorite seafood place for crablegs! We had a great date and lots of fun...but I have no pictures! Then, on the Fourth of July weekend, we had a celebration with my family. We went to Babe's Chicken and then back to my mom's for cake. Seth is such a good sport that you can check him out doing the birthday chicken dance below!

Here is the old man practicing rocking in a rocking chair for when we are really old and gray!

And here is Seth being AWESOME and fully participating in the birthday chicken dance.

He said he did it for all the girls...

This is the best picture EVER!

Jillian, Ansley, and Jules waiting for birthday cake.

Seth wanting to hear the birthday song just a little louder

I think he was wishing that he was 21 again.

Seth and Jules sharing cake like the cute couple that they are

And finally, Seth requested that I make him a special pound cake for his birthday. So, I did...with icing. I made one for his 25th birthday...and now for his 30th. I guess I will continue the tradition every 5 years!

The family enjoying the cake. Try and ignore the huge laundry basket in the background!

I hope Seth had a great birthday and we plan to celebrate our 30th birthdays together as soon as possible!!!!!

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