Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Birthday Bash 2010

Jillian decided she wanted another swimming party this year. Thank goodness her birthday is in June because she LOVES to swim...and swimming parties are about the easiest ones to throw! This year, we moved on Friday and had Jillian's party the next day on Saturday! Yikes!!! But I really stressed so little over her party and it turned out great! I just ordered some pizzas and a cake, bought some noodles as party favors, and we were all set! Jillian invited all the boys and girls from her class at school and also some neighborhood friends. I think the party was a lot of fun and most importantly, I think Jillian had a blast!!!

The pretty birthday girl

Our family

Jillian and Aunt K

My little fish

Daddy and Josh using their daughters as excuses to run through the water park

Jillian, Jules, and The Dale Girls swimming

Jules may be swimming before we know it! She already thinks she can.

Jillian and Dale girls ready for cake

B-Pa, Daddy, Papaw, and Uncle Caleb

Eva and Jillian

Here is Jillian seeing her school friends for the first time since school!
Aren't they so cute! Ella, Jillian and Eva

Jules jumping to B-Pa

Mimi and Jo

Aunt K, Summer, and Papaw

Jillian in motion coming down he slide

B-Pa, Caleb, and CC swimming with Jules

Jillian's Costco cake...she picked it out!

singing happy birthday

still singing

make a wish!!!

typical face of Jules after a meal

the sister shot

Jillian opening her presents at home

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Mindy said...

Happy 4th Birthday Jillian! She is getting all grown up and seriously gets cuter with every single post you do. 2 things-
1: that pool that you go to is amazing. I have no idea where it is but I would totally be having parties there all the time.
2: I love that all the girls have diet cokes at the table when they are singing happy birthday to Jillian. Haha. At least they know whats good. :)