Friday, August 28, 2009

Getting Into Trouble

This is what happens when your big sister is away playing at Cousin Emmy's house and your mom is busy cleaning the house like a mad woman! You get to do whatever you want!!!!
I walked in the living room yesterday and found Jules exactly like sunglasses going through all of Jillian's things! Jilly would have DIED if she knew! Jules had a blast and even held the pose long enough for me to grab my camera! See her saying Cheese????

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Arkansas Weekend

A couple weeks ago, we headed up to Arkansas again for another long weekend with The Patterson's! It was a lot of fun despite the fact that we were all four not feeling great with colds and all of that business. We even had to take Seth in to the Urgent Care...and yes, in Arkansas, they have those in Walmarts! :) Despite feeling a little under the weather, we had a great time out on the lake and in B-Pa's boat. The girls really enjoyed the lake this time and I was shocked to see Jillian just get right into the lake off the boat and not think anything about it! It is her personality to be really apprehensive about the unknown, but she was quite the little lake girl this time! And of course Jules continues to think that she can swim although she is far from it! Here are lots of pictures from our visit.

Seth and his girls doing what he loves the most!

Jilly snacking on the boat

Jules snacking on the boat

Seth trying Jules out on the wave runner...she was not having any of it! She was reaching back at me on the dock the whole time!

Not so sure about this thing

hanging out

Jules running wild on the boat

Cutie Jilly playing Skipper

The girls helping CC drive the boat, with B-Pa in the back

Jilly passed out on the boat...this girl just plays hard till she crashes!

Aunt Lynn came over for a swim too!

Uncle Tommy has such a way with the babies! They always love him!

CC bought Jules this itty bitty baby pool. It was seriously the tiniest one i have ever seen! Jules LOVED it! It was just her size and she sat in it for a while playing and splashing!

CC and Jules on the dock

Jules swinging

Daddy and Jilly

Daddy and Jilly

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Monday, August 24, 2009

My Little Dancer

Two weeks ago, Jillian and her BFF Violet joined a tap and ballet class here in town. It is just the most precious thing I tell you. There are about 10 little girls in the class, and every week it is fun to see what everyone is wearing! Jillian has really enjoyed the two classes she has been to so far and is always ready to go back! I am glad it is something she enjoys and doesn't dread! :) She is also fairly good for a 3 year old! :) HA HA! She is one of the oldest ones in a class of 2 and 3 year olds, and her teacher said she really follows the directions very well!!! I wish I could say the same for Jillian at home, but oh well! The teacher even said that Jillian will point out to some other little girls what to do. Yikes...hope we don't get the know-it-all reputation or anything! Here are few pics of my little dancer on her first day. I am sure I will have many pics to follow...and can you even imagine the recital in May???????
Isn't she the cutest little dancer you have ever seen?

The back of my little dancer

Jules is really into being in pictures these here she is joining in the fun. She always says CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE!

Jillian's precious teacher, Ms. Lane helping her get ready for her first class

Here is Jilly in her tap shoes right before class started

Or course, trouble is never too far from us. Here is Graham and Jules playing and eating during ballet class! These two can find trouble and snacks ANYWHERE we take them! They are precious together though...and I am so glad Jules has a playmate during Jilly's dance class.

Jillian and Violet

The girls after class changing out of their shoes

Jillian NOT wanting me to embarrass her with any more pictures

Violet, Ms. Lane, and Jillian after class

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Monday, August 17, 2009

THE Most Beautiful Woman in Dallas

See this girl below???? Well, she is the one and only Carolyn Jane Slovick...who just happens to be my very best friend in the whole world. AND...she just happens to be nominated through D Magazine for The Most Beautiful Woman in Dallas contest! There are 20 finalists and I am sure you will agree that CJS deserves the #1 spot! So, all you have to do is go to the link below Carolyn's picture and vote. And you have to do this EVERY SINGLE DAY for the next three weeks. Everyone of you guys can vote! You don't have to be a Dallas native!
So, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go and vote for my girl!!!!!

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sleep My Child

I have said on my blog many times how my Jillian will not sleep anywhere but her bed. And for the first three years, that was a VERY true statement. Well...lately she has been sleeping EVERYWHERE but her bed! She has recently given up an official nap in the afternoon. By the way...I had no idea this happened so early. I swear I thought kids were supposed to nap until like kindergarten or something! What in the world? Be prepared all new mothers...cherish those naps because they DON'T LAST!!! Oh yeah..where was I? This lack of napping, however, has caused her just to nod off in the most random spots and I have been documenting them as they come. We have also been very busy this summer swimming, VBS twice, playgroups, etc....and so Jillian gets tired even though she hates to admit it!!! So, I don't force her to lay down for a nap because I know she will eventually catch a little shut eye on her own terms. In case you think I am embellishing...let me share with you just a few. Please also notice just how accessorized Jillian is at all times. The girls loves some bracelets, headbands, and those DANG pink flip flops...

asleep in her closet or "reading room" while reading books

asleep on the floor right in front of her door probably waiting for
me to release her from quiet time

on the couch with me...about to fall off if I were not holding onto her

MY PERSONAL FAVORITE...asleep while standing up and laying on the ottoman

asleep on B-Pa and CC's boat

on the couch again

asleep on daddy at a restaurant

asleep on Mommy at a restaurant

close up of her sweet sleeping face

In the car...GASP!!!! My kid asleep in the must be a miracle!

asleep in the car AGAIN

Here she is asleep on the floor in the living room. She was supposed to be in her room for quiet time, but I guess she creeped out. I love how she is still holding on to her book and sunglasses (or sun-eyeglass as Jillian calls them) though.

asleep in Daddy's chair

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Monday, August 3, 2009

The MANY Hairstyles of Baby Jules

I believe I may have mentioned before that Jules has the greatest personality...she is fun, sweet, spunky, wild, crazy, rambunctious...and just oozing with personality. And we think that all of this "power" of hers comes from her crazy hair! Her hair does amazing things...really. Every morning she has the craziest bed head. Every day when ponytail's or piggytails come out, her hair seems to take some very silly shapes. I have noticed a trend lately, that her hair will take on the shape of some very famous hairstyles and I wanted to share the comparisons with you to see if you agree. So, what do you think of my Baby Jules' FUNKY hair????

The "Something About Mary" hairstyle

The "Ace Ventura" Hairstyle

The "Sanjaya" Hairstyle...from American Idol

The "Doc Brown" Hairstyle from Back to The Future

(This is honestly the best picture I could find...but you get the idea)

The "Boo" Hairstyle from Monster's Inc.


The "Kate Gosselin"

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