Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Arkansas Weekend

A couple weeks ago, we headed up to Arkansas again for another long weekend with The Patterson's! It was a lot of fun despite the fact that we were all four not feeling great with colds and all of that business. We even had to take Seth in to the Urgent Care...and yes, in Arkansas, they have those in Walmarts! :) Despite feeling a little under the weather, we had a great time out on the lake and in B-Pa's boat. The girls really enjoyed the lake this time and I was shocked to see Jillian just get right into the lake off the boat and not think anything about it! It is her personality to be really apprehensive about the unknown, but she was quite the little lake girl this time! And of course Jules continues to think that she can swim although she is far from it! Here are lots of pictures from our visit.

Seth and his girls doing what he loves the most!

Jilly snacking on the boat

Jules snacking on the boat

Seth trying Jules out on the wave runner...she was not having any of it! She was reaching back at me on the dock the whole time!

Not so sure about this thing

hanging out

Jules running wild on the boat

Cutie Jilly playing Skipper

The girls helping CC drive the boat, with B-Pa in the back

Jilly passed out on the boat...this girl just plays hard till she crashes!

Aunt Lynn came over for a swim too!

Uncle Tommy has such a way with the babies! They always love him!

CC bought Jules this itty bitty baby pool. It was seriously the tiniest one i have ever seen! Jules LOVED it! It was just her size and she sat in it for a while playing and splashing!

CC and Jules on the dock

Jules swinging

Daddy and Jilly

Daddy and Jilly

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