Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Paisley is 11 months

 Paisley turned 11 months back on January 24th.  This month has been a big one for her.  She FINALLY started crawling....real crawling on her hands and knees.  She is sure making up for lost time too!  She is fast and everywhere all of a sudden!  We love to watch her because she is really enjoying her new-found freedom!  I don't know why crawling babies are so cute...but they just are!  

Here are some other things that P has done in her 11th month:

  • She FINALLY started saying MAMA.  She says it all the time too...and I love it!
  • She started blowing kisses.  She blows her kisses with such force too...like she really wants you to know she is doing it.
  • She learned to sit up in her crib.
  • She got her two top teeth.
  • She pulled up for the first time in the beginning of January, but just that one time.
  • We turned her carseat around.  At first she wasn't so excited about it, but she likes it now.  I think she was struggling with seeing me up front and me not rescuing her for her carseat.  

Paisley at 11 months


Jillian at 11 months

Jules at 11 months

Monday, January 9, 2012

Paisley is 10 Months Old

 Paisley turned 10 months old on Christmas Eve.  I know I say it every month...along with every other mother in the world about their own babies...but I just CANNOT believe she is 10 months old.  I just feel like she was a tiny baby and now she is this big girl doing big girl things!  She still has our whole family at her beck and call.  I am sure we are going to spoil her to death and may pay for it by the time she is 2.  But for now, she is just the sweetest thing on the planet and we all enjoy being around her and doing everything for her all the time.  

Paisley has started doing so many fun things this month.  Here are her milestones:

  • She started clapping her hand.  She loves this trick and will do it all day.  Anytime she hears..."If you're happy and you know it", then she claps on demand.
  • She also started waving Bye-Bye.  She does this trick with such force like she REALLY means it when she tells you bye!
  • She popped out her top right tooth and is working on the second tooth up top too.
  • She had her first TWO double ear infections...one on Thanksgiving and one on Christmas.  I guess she will keep up the tradition of all my girls getting sick on holidays! Just like here and here.
  • And her biggest milestone of the month....drumroll please...She FINALLY started crawling on Dec. 23.  And by crawling, I mean army crawling or inching a long.  Me and the girls are calling it the inch worm because she just inches along on her belly.  She pulls herself along by her arms and doesn't show any interest in getting on those knees just yet!  It is really cute and we love to watch her!  She is my lazy baby...so the opposite of her big sister Jules.

Paisley at 10 months old


Jillian at 10 months
(my teeny girl)

Jules at 10 months

Thursday, January 5, 2012

(after) Christmas in Arkansas

The day after christmas, we headed to Arkansas to celebrate with The Patterson's.  We left all the Christmas decor up and the previous gifts scattered all around the house, and headed up for some more Christmas fun.  The girls were very excited to go to CC and B-Pa's house!  Paisley was excited I am sure, but she was NOT so great on this road trip.  She now wants to NOT lay down for 6 hours in the car, but instead move all around the floor.  10 months is not a good traveling age no matter how great the baby is.  The car trip home took 8 hours and not the normal 6.  You can imagine how happy we all were just to get to our destination!  Here are some pictures of our Christmas trip to Arkanasas.

Jillian and her gifts

CC opening up a gift from the girls.  

Jillian helping B-pa open up his gift.

Daddy opening up his gifts

CC opening up her birthday gift.  Her birthday is Jan 8...Happy Birthday CC!

Baby P (looking extra chubby) and B-Pa

Three girls in leopard ponchos and jeggings.  
Enough said.

B-Pa, CC and girls

Paisley in one of her gifts...a Razorback hoodie/onsesie

2 girls waiting to ride on Uncle Tommy and Aunt Lynn's horses

Jules and Me

Me and all the girls.
I am the only one apparently who can look into the sun without dying

B-Pa and Paisley

Paisley's first horse ride

She's a natural

Uncle Tommy and P.  All 3 of my girls have loved Uncle Tommy!


Jillian wants a pony!!!!  HA!

Daddy and Jules...who was very scared of the horse

Jules is trying to jump off to her Daddy in this picture

Texas Cowgirls

Uncle Tommy has rebuilt this Fiat and it is SOOOOOOO cool!  We had a great time driving around in this fabulous car!  The girls loved riding with the top down.  I want him to sell it to me, but I doubt I could fit 3 carseats in the back.