Thursday, January 5, 2012

(after) Christmas in Arkansas

The day after christmas, we headed to Arkansas to celebrate with The Patterson's.  We left all the Christmas decor up and the previous gifts scattered all around the house, and headed up for some more Christmas fun.  The girls were very excited to go to CC and B-Pa's house!  Paisley was excited I am sure, but she was NOT so great on this road trip.  She now wants to NOT lay down for 6 hours in the car, but instead move all around the floor.  10 months is not a good traveling age no matter how great the baby is.  The car trip home took 8 hours and not the normal 6.  You can imagine how happy we all were just to get to our destination!  Here are some pictures of our Christmas trip to Arkanasas.

Jillian and her gifts

CC opening up a gift from the girls.  

Jillian helping B-pa open up his gift.

Daddy opening up his gifts

CC opening up her birthday gift.  Her birthday is Jan 8...Happy Birthday CC!

Baby P (looking extra chubby) and B-Pa

Three girls in leopard ponchos and jeggings.  
Enough said.

B-Pa, CC and girls

Paisley in one of her gifts...a Razorback hoodie/onsesie

2 girls waiting to ride on Uncle Tommy and Aunt Lynn's horses

Jules and Me

Me and all the girls.
I am the only one apparently who can look into the sun without dying

B-Pa and Paisley

Paisley's first horse ride

She's a natural

Uncle Tommy and P.  All 3 of my girls have loved Uncle Tommy!


Jillian wants a pony!!!!  HA!

Daddy and Jules...who was very scared of the horse

Jules is trying to jump off to her Daddy in this picture

Texas Cowgirls

Uncle Tommy has rebuilt this Fiat and it is SOOOOOOO cool!  We had a great time driving around in this fabulous car!  The girls loved riding with the top down.  I want him to sell it to me, but I doubt I could fit 3 carseats in the back.

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