Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Paisley is 11 months

 Paisley turned 11 months back on January 24th.  This month has been a big one for her.  She FINALLY started crawling....real crawling on her hands and knees.  She is sure making up for lost time too!  She is fast and everywhere all of a sudden!  We love to watch her because she is really enjoying her new-found freedom!  I don't know why crawling babies are so cute...but they just are!  

Here are some other things that P has done in her 11th month:

  • She FINALLY started saying MAMA.  She says it all the time too...and I love it!
  • She started blowing kisses.  She blows her kisses with such force too...like she really wants you to know she is doing it.
  • She learned to sit up in her crib.
  • She got her two top teeth.
  • She pulled up for the first time in the beginning of January, but just that one time.
  • We turned her carseat around.  At first she wasn't so excited about it, but she likes it now.  I think she was struggling with seeing me up front and me not rescuing her for her carseat.  

Paisley at 11 months


Jillian at 11 months

Jules at 11 months

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