Monday, January 9, 2012

Paisley is 10 Months Old

 Paisley turned 10 months old on Christmas Eve.  I know I say it every month...along with every other mother in the world about their own babies...but I just CANNOT believe she is 10 months old.  I just feel like she was a tiny baby and now she is this big girl doing big girl things!  She still has our whole family at her beck and call.  I am sure we are going to spoil her to death and may pay for it by the time she is 2.  But for now, she is just the sweetest thing on the planet and we all enjoy being around her and doing everything for her all the time.  

Paisley has started doing so many fun things this month.  Here are her milestones:

  • She started clapping her hand.  She loves this trick and will do it all day.  Anytime she hears..."If you're happy and you know it", then she claps on demand.
  • She also started waving Bye-Bye.  She does this trick with such force like she REALLY means it when she tells you bye!
  • She popped out her top right tooth and is working on the second tooth up top too.
  • She had her first TWO double ear on Thanksgiving and one on Christmas.  I guess she will keep up the tradition of all my girls getting sick on holidays! Just like here and here.
  • And her biggest milestone of the month....drumroll please...She FINALLY started crawling on Dec. 23.  And by crawling, I mean army crawling or inching a long.  Me and the girls are calling it the inch worm because she just inches along on her belly.  She pulls herself along by her arms and doesn't show any interest in getting on those knees just yet!  It is really cute and we love to watch her!  She is my lazy the opposite of her big sister Jules.

Paisley at 10 months old


Jillian at 10 months
(my teeny girl)

Jules at 10 months

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