Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I am Debby Downer...wha wha wha

Here is a look at what is going on in our world:

  • Seth...bronchitis and pink eye

  • Me...bronchitis and haven't had the chance to sleep in DAYS

  • eye, ear infection, and RSV

  • far NOTHING, but I am sure she will get nice and sick just in time for Christmas

Here is what all we will miss this week:

  • Tonight is a big party in our neighborhood where Santa comes, hands out gifts, and all the kids get to eat cookies and play together

  • Tomorrow Jillian has school. She only goes once a week, so when she has to miss, it REALLY sucks for her and me!

  • Tomorrow is also Jillian's VERY FIRST Christmas program in school...and she can't go.

  • I was supposed to meet up with two different friends this week for play groups...and now we cant! Sorry Summer and Suzy!

So basically I am writing this blog because I am tired and just plain sick of all this sickness around here!

And that is all for the complaining! I am just stuck in this house AGAIN and needed to vent my blog readers are the unlucky ones that have to hear it. We will now go back to our regularly scheduled program...

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Elizabeth said...

Oh, that is at lot going on and what timing!!! I hate having to miss things because of sickness-especially during Christmas! I hope that you all feel better soon!

Karen Needham said...

Praying that all of you will get well very soon and enjoy Christmas.

Karen Needham

Rachel said...

So sorry B!!! Kids have the best timing!! I will praying for yall...surely everyone will be well by Christmas!!!

SDG said...

I am SO sorry to hear that you are all sick! That was us last year! Olivia missed like the last 2 weeks of school, including her Christmas program! It is so hard when you miss out on stuff like that this time of year! But really, at least everyone is sick at the same time, versus it going from person to person to person and dragging out for weeks! Hopefully Jules will make it without getting anything and then you'll be done in time for Christmas! We'll be praying for healthy days ahead!!!!

Carolyn said...

Not cool yo.

Hope you all get better son!

Sandi said...

Sooo sorry, Brittney. We've been sick, too -- it stinks.

Mittig family said...

Yuck! So sorry to hear about ALL of that! We missed y'all at Bass Pro-it was actually pretty fun and we ended up getting a Santa picture that was a lot better than the one at the mall! Let me know when the Patterson house is feeling better and we can plan a make up date.

marcy said...

As my mother used to say...
"This too shall pass". It just doesn't seem like it while it is going on. God bless you all with good health!
I love you-

Alicia said...

Bummer! Hope you guys feel better soon!!

Lane said...

Oh no!! I hope you guys get to feeling better soon! It's ok to vent, what are blogs for anyway!?! :)