Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Catch Up...Part 1

So, I have A LOT to catch up on here on my blog...which means about 4 Christmas posts. I LOVE Christmas more than most, but as soon as it is over, I am ready to move on. Still, I must post some pictures of my kids and tell our stories of the 2008 holiday season so that they can read about it one day.

I have not been in a very "bloggy" place the last couple of weeks and that is why I have had a lack of posts and comments on my friends blogs. (And having my Dad point out that he is about to boycott my blog all together if I don't do a new post...I figured I better get on it!) I have had several things on my mind and me and the girls were sick for 3 whole weeks of December. I have been to the pediatrician 7 times since December 1st! We missed EVERYTHING...Christmas parties, Jillian's Christmas program, her MDO party, we never got to see Santa...Etc., Etc. I have been pretty bummed about missing it all because Jillian was SOOOOOOOOO into Christmas this year and it was Baby Jules' first Christmas. I can prove Jillian's excitement by telling you that we watched Home Alone about 20 times this month!!!! Anyway, I just haven't felt like posting because I really felt like we were missing out....but I will try and catch up now!

So...Here is my post of building Jillian's FIRST Gingerbread house. Now...let me tell you that Seth and I learned out lesson this year that from now on, we will build the actual house ahead of time, and then let the girls decorate with candy and icing AFTER the house has set. We did not know that this first attempt at building!!!! So, we got the kit out and starting building and following the rules. Well, lets just say that you need A LOT of icing and A LOT of patience to get that dang roof to stay in place! I had to sit there and hold the thing for a good 20 minutes before it actually stuck to the house! Meanwhile...Jillian was fine with waiting, as she just sat there and ate all of the candy! We finally got the house together and Jillian and Daddy decorated the entire thing...well, except for the back of the house. We ran out of icing while trying to will the roof to stay on, and so the back of the house had to miss out. Still, I feel like we did a pretty good job for our first attempt!

Jillian and Daddy diving right in to the construction

Here I am holding the roof into place while Jillian is decorating/eating with the candy

She is having a blast! I think she is shocked that we just have bowls full of candy sitting right in front of her and she is just allowed to go at it!

SUGAR HIGH!!!! (See the missing roof?????????)

Here is Baby Jules crawling around under the table!
Jillian putting away some candy! We made her brush her teeth several times that night!

Jillian showing off her very FIRST Gingerbread House!!!

We tried to get a pictures of Jillian and Baby Jules, but Baby Jules just went right for the candy and Jillian was NOT too happy about that!

The finished project

The poor backside

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Dirk said...

Welcome back! Great house. And they say the construction industry is having a tough year - not in the Patterson's house!

Kelly said...

LOL We are living parallel lives!!

Carolyn said...

Well now, that's a pretty sad looking back side but the pictures of the girls definitely make up for it!! Jilly has the best smile. :)