Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Through The Years...

On a lighter note...

I love to get out my old Christmas cards every year and see how our little family has changed and grown since we have been married. My intentions were to have a picture with Seth, Me, and the kids every single year...and so far, Seth and I have already skipped out on 2 of our 6 Christmas pictures! What a slacker I am...but I promise that from now on (and TOTALLY against Seth's will) we will ALL be in every Christmas Card picture from here on out!
Here are our previous cards...

Seth and I the first Christmas after we were married. I am holding our first son, Miller...who died 2 years ago today. I loved that dog like my child! MAN, we look young here!


This was the night of Seth's Christmas party...which is why I am so tan...I spray tanned that day. I also had LOADS of time to work out, which is why I am so skinny and hot here! Sigh...I REALLY hope that I look like this again by Christmas 2009...maybe not so orange!


Here we are so young and not knowing what was in store for us that next June! I am 4 months pregnant with Jillian here!
My first year to forget about putting Seth and Me in the picture...oops! Jillian was just too cute and I just had to send these pictures out! The big one on the left is my VERY favorite picture of Jilly ever! Such a sweet little baby!!!

Here we are again...expecting another baby girl...again! I hope this doesn't happen every other Christmas or I will definitely not be as hot as 2004 in 2009! I am 6 months pregnant with Jules and Jillian is just 18 months old!

And finally...the 2008 card!

Jillian just looks so old to me here. Comparing her to last years card, she has just grown and matured so much in this short year!!!! It was impossible to get Jules to smile for the pictures, even though I always talk about what a smiley baby she is! One of these days, I will be able to prove that!
So, in case we didn't get to send you a card this year...
Merry Christmas from the Patterson's!!!!!!

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Carolyn said...

I love every single one of these and I can also brag that I HAVE every single one of these!

I am so lucky to have you and Seth as two of my best friends, Jilly as my Goddaughter and Jules loves her some Aunt Carol.

Merry Chritmas B, I love you!

Lane said...

I can brag as well that I have every single one! ;) Love the card from this year...they are so cute!! Sterling loves to look at it and say "that's my girlfriend Jiwwian"! haha

Mindy said...

I love all of your christmas cards over the years! Its so cool to see how your family has grown! Especially jilly from last year to this year. I cant even believe that!

Page said...

Hello, there! I found your blog through a mutual blogger and saw that you had a pug so I just had to check your blog out. LOL! Your site is so cute...just wanted to say hi!

parrish said...

I am very optimistic about a sweatervest in 2009 for BOTH of you. The girls are adorable, and I can't wait to see them! Merry Christmas!!!

Rachel said...

I always love receiving your card and this year did not disappoint!! Maybe we can see yall??? Are you coming up for Christmas??

Kourtney said...

i love all you christmas card!