Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Catch Up...Part 4

Seth and I hosted Christmas Eve this year at our house, since we were having all of Christmas Day at my parent's house. I made chili and all that goes along with it, and everyone came over to open our gifts and hang out. We had a really great time eating, opening gifts, and most importantly...watching all of the little girls have the best time with eachother and their new stuff!

The Whole Family...Papaw & Mimi, Aunt K, Jo, The Dales, and The Pattersons

My mom ADORES the GRANDgirls (or Girls Gone Wild) as she likes to call it...and if you can't tell, just check out the big stash of presents to be opened on Christmas Eve night! Imagine how long it took just to wrap them all!
Here are the gifts from one angle...

And again from the other...

Mimi, Jillian, Baby Jules, and Papaw

The 4 bigger GRANDgirls attacking Papaw with LOVE!

Mimi and Baby Jules eating some dinner

Jillian, Macy, and Emerson sneaking some snacks before dinner

Me and Seth

Let THE OPENING OF THE GIFTS begin...look at the chaos!

Jillian patiently waiting to begin! She was so excited but did a great job waiting her turn!

Sweet girl

Jillian got her MUCH-anticipated doll house! She has been wanting one for months!!!! Mimi and Papaw got her an adorable one and Seth spent about 3 hours Christmas morning assembling the thing...more on that later! Jillian was BEYOND THRILLED with her doll house!

Jillian also loved her new high chair and bottles from The Dale Cousins! She has been using it non-stop!

Baby Jules also got in on the action. She did pretty good considering this was her first gift-opening experience in her 8 short months!!! I am sad that she has a passy and no bow in these pictures...what was I thinking?

She LOVES her new drum and instrument set!

The best pictures always end up blurry! Oh well...you can still see her piercing blue eyes!

Having such a good time!

Aunt Kourtney and Jillian

Jillian and Mommy

Daddy and Baby Jules

Seth finally got a Wii!!!!! I think we were the last family on Earth to get one, but we did! YEAH!!!! Seth and I already have had so much fun and we only have 2 games! WE love it!

My favorite gift of the night was my very own HEAVY DUTY KitchenAid mixer in grass green!!!!!

I love it so much that I don't want to use it! It looks so nice sitting on my counter!!!

Seth and Layton and their new toys

We gave Papaw another picture puzzle! Last time all the girls were wearing matching outfits...no a good idea for a puzzle! So, this year, we mixed it up! Hopefully Papaw will have a better time with this one!

Next up...Christmas Day...and hopefully the last of this Christmas madness!!!!!

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Carolyn said...

I am so envious of your mixer!! I love the color, its so you!!!

You look great in these photos B, so pretty!