Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Catch Up...Part 2

Some Christmas Randomness...

So, Jillian has a GIANT sweet tooth and will eat anything sweet or chocolaty. Well, I have been super excited to share Hot Chocolate with her this year because, really...what is not to like. Chocolate and Marshmallows...two of her favorite things!!! Well, I waited until we had one of our FREEZING days and I made her a cup of hot chocolate with 3 giant marshmallows in it. AND...she hated it! My first mistake was calling it "Hot" chocolate. She just couldn't get past the hot part. She kept saying it needed to cool down. Well, I tried and tried...twice...and just can't get the girl to like it! Oh well, maybe next year, I will make her a nice big mug of luke-warm chocolate to get her in the holiday spirit!

Here she is with her bag of "strawbabies" and her cup of hot chocolate. I barely got her to pretend to sip for a picture, and then she was done with it!

She did, however, totally dig the marshmallows!

One of the days when Jillian was really sick with fever and had to miss hoo...Mimi came over and brought her a GIANT Santa Clause Christmas cookie! It was super yummy...from what I heard...and it really brightened up Jillian's day!

Mimi, Jilly looking not-so-well, and Giant Santa Christmas cookie!

Baby Jules looking totally in the Christmas spirit and just a little bit like a boy! This is why I am such a big advocate for bows!!!!

My sweet girl feeding herself in her high chair! She turned 8 months right before Christmas, and I will have a post on that soon...hopefully!

My girls in their matching Christmas jammies enjoying some music making! They already interact so well together and I just love seeing them laugh and play! I didn't realize that they would be doing this so soon since Jules is still such a baby! They are definitely each other's favorite person!

Caught you!!!!

Baby Jules is starting to dance!!!! She is seen here tickling the ivories and dancing! Maybe she will be the next Alicia Keys or something.

Sweet girl!

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Mindy said...

super cute. Love the matching jammies. You are so good at the matchy outfits you choose!