Saturday, February 28, 2009

Superbowl 2009...a month late

We all went to watch the Superbowl at my parent's house and we had LOTS of good food. My contribution was some homemade pico de gallo...and it was delicioso!!! So, I had to take a picture...

It was a crowd favorite if I do say so myself!!!

Here is the bowl of M&M's the Mimi let Jillian grab a handful of EVERY time she went potty. Mimi threw the 2 M&M's per potty rule right out the window. That is what grandmother's are for I suppose!

Daddy and Baby Jules watching the big game in the media room

Papaw in his favorite spot

Jillian cheering on the Cowboys. She thinks every, basketball, etc. is the Cowboys. Oh well, at least we will just let her think that the Cowboys might ever make it to a Superbowl again!

Baby Jules spent most of her evening destroying a huge pile of puzzles...and having a great time doing so.

I told you she blinks everytime RIGHT before my camera goes off! I hardly ever get a picture of her eyes anymore!

keeping busy

Mimi's kitty...and pride and joy, Zoe

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Friday, February 27, 2009

A Visit With Aunt Carol

Ok, people (and by that I mean Dad)...I just got my computer back from the shop and I have a lot of blogging to catch up on! So, I am starting with a couple of pictures from our visit with Aunt Carol a couple of weeks ago. Aunt Carol's mom, Wendy came into town and brought Aunt Carol's precious niece, Lily. They wanted us to come over for a play date one Saturday and we had a great time! Jillian and Lily hit it off immediately!!! They had so much fun together. Jillian was on her first week of potty training and so that is why she is running around without a shirt or pants in these pictures. I guess Lily was just jumping on the band wagon with the removal of part of her clothes.

Carolyn made us a yummy lunch at her apartment, and the we all packed up and headed to the park for a fun afternoon. I forgot my camera in the no park pictures here. Just imagine 3 cute little girls...and 3 hot mamas swinging, sliding, etc., etc. Probably the highlight of the whole day was that we brought the kiddie potty out into the park with us an Jillian and Lily took turns pottying in public all afternoon! It was hilarious. Aunt Carol has some pictures of I will have to see if I can get my hands on those!

When we finally left later on, both girls were exhausted. Jules had skipped her morning nap and so the second I turned out of the park, both girls were asleep in their seats. My kids don't sleep in public but on rare occasions, so this will show you how much fun they had at Aunt Carol's house!!! Thanks for having us Aunt Carol!

Jillian and Lily playing on Aunt Carol's bed

The girls sharing a yogurt

Miss Jilly passed out in her seat

Baby Jules also passed out!

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our Nightly Madness

Again I must begin a post by apologizing for not blogging lately. My computer has been acting kind of funky and is at the doctor as we speak. I just happened to remember that I had uploaded some pictures last week before my computer stepped in and didn't allow for any more pictures on this blog. I do have several different posts lined hopefully soon I will get some catch up done on here!

In the are some candid shots of the girls during our nightly madness as we like to call it. Every night after dinner, the girls get baths, lotion, and clean jammies...and then the four of us spend the next hour or so before bedtime just hanging out on the floor or couch playing with toys or just watching the girls waller around. Their new favorite game is to just roll around on the couch tackling eachother. It is really quite funny...especially when Baby Jules tries to body slam Jilly everytime! They giggle so hard and have so much fun together. Seth and I really enjoy this time VERY much every night!

Two crazy girls...

Jules planning her next move

happy times...

Sweet Big Sis

Funny Baby Jules

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Cool Rider

Well...we just really haven't been doing anything special these there just isn't too much to blog about. I just have one cute picture to show off. Here is Baby Jules trying out Jillian's pink scooter! She LOVED it and had a great time getting a few rides when big sis allowed it.

Look at those chubby legs!!!!

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

All About Jillian

My little Jillian is quite the funny gal these days. She says some of the funniest things and I have been writing them down for a while so that I could compile a post showing just how funny my girl really is! And by the case you were wondering...the potty training is going AMAZING!!!! I mean, I can't believe has just clicked with her. We still have the random accident, but for the most part Jillian has got it nailed, I believe! (for the record...we still are in diapers at naps and nighttime) on to my list...

1. Paper Doll Towels
  • Jillian got two different "paper doll" sets for Christmas and so I guess she just has paper dolls on the mind. She told me the other day..."Mommy, you need new paper doll towels!" (Of course she was noticing our empty roll of paper towels!)

2. Rainbow Coat
  • Jillian's grandma CC got her a new raincoat. When she wants to put it on, she tells me..."Mom, I want to wear my new rainbow coat!"

3. Strawbabies and Ranch
  • Jillian has become a big fan of Ranch as a dip for veggies and chicken. So, I guess it is normal that she confuses the redi-whip spray cream that we use as a dip for our fruit for Ranch! Also, we have always called strawberries...strawbabies. So in the morning Jillian asks for some "strawbabies and ranch."

4. Sun Eye-Glass
  • Jillian used to just call her sunglasses...eyeglass. Well, she is finally adding the sun part to that. So, she will tell me..."Mom, the sun is in my eyes, I need my sun eye-glass!"

5. Built-In Boop Bops
  • Jillian calls flip flops...boop bops. So, when she started wearing footy pajamas this winter, somehow she though the footies were boop bops. Then she came up with the whole phrase of built in boop bops...which means her footy pajamas!

6. Wiggles
  • This one may look familiar...but don't be fooled! Jillian has recently picked up a liking for Bugles. (like the chip!) But, she always calls them Wiggles.

not to be confused with...

7. Piggy Tail Ride
  • You can tell that getting our hair did around here is pretty high on the priority list! Piggy tails was probably one of Jillian's first words or phrases!!! Well, now when she wants a piggy back ride, she asks for a piggy tail ride.

8. Summer Spears or Kourtney Spears
  • Jillian has always liked the beats from my girl Britney Spears' songs! I know, I is embarrassing that she can recognize them, but I have admitted that I have always been a Britney Spears fan! What can I say...I am rooting for the poor girl! Well, now Jillian knows Britney's name...sort of. (I know moms out there...this is my first clue that she is TOO old to be listening to that type of music now!) Anyway, whenever I tell her that it is Britney Spears...she will tell me..."No, Summer Spears" or "Kourtney Spears". I guess her favorite musician having the same name as her mommy really bothers her!

And case you are wondering, I did go to the "Oops I Did It Again" concert in 2000! And yes, I was 20! And yes, I went with my friend Elizabeth and Martha Lynn...and we had SOOOOO much fun!

9. New Batteries
  • Jillian thinks EVERYTHING needs new batteries! If anything seems to not be working or making noise, she will tell me that it needs new batteries. She even knows where we keep them and the screwdriver!!!!!!

And now I will leave you with a couple pictures of my girl...

All last week, poor J had this terrible chapped face! I kept scrubbing it thinking it looked dirty...but I guess it was just from the cold and her runny nose. Luckily, she is all cleared up now.

Here is a picture I just happened to get...but it shows off Jillian's best feature...her VERY long eyelashes! These babies are really long! conclusion of today's post, I will leave you with something that totally has me baffled!!!! Seth's granny bough Jillian a bunch of Barbies (NONE of them had any clothes!!!) in a bag at a garage sale, and CC gave us a few of them when we were up for Thanksgiving. Well this girl caught my eye at first because of her REALLY chunky highlights! I started thinking...they sure don't make them like they used to! What happened to Astronaut Barbie or Veterinarian Barbie???

Barbie and her bad hair color. Sorry for the bleached out face...but I was trying to get a close up of that hair! It is red/orange with bright yellow highlights!

This picture is a little better.
Well, when I happened to turn the Barbie over...this is what I found!
This chick has TWO tattoos on her back! A design up at the top and a panther on her lower back! WHAT IN THE WORLD???????????????? Now, I know that a lot of us girls have nice and classy tattoos on our lower a flower, right Mom????? :) But a panther...on a Barbie?????
So what do you think they call her...
Ho*ker Barbie?
Stri*per Barbie?
Drug Dealer Barbie?
Anyway, that is all for today!

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