Friday, February 26, 2010

A Day At The Movies

Jillian has been begging to go see The Princess and The Frog for a while now.
All of her friends have seen it and she wanted to also. Jillian has only been to the movies once, and that was with my I was super excited to take her myself and enjoy the experience. My mom kept Jules, and so us 2 girls headed out for our big girls day. We went to the store and loaded up on candy. Then at the movies, we got popcorn and a coke!!! I think that should be every girl's dream!!! Well, this is just another one of those times where the harder I try, the worse things get.
First of all, we get into the theater and we are THE ONLY PEOPLE in the whole place. Well, this freaks Jillian out! She was so scared. Then, the movie comes on and it is kind of lame if you ask me. I came from a time of Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast...and well, this one just didn't do it for me. Also, there was this scary villain that had entirely too much airtime. He also freaked Jillian out. She begged to leave almost the whole time. So, after pushing her for an hour, I finally gave up and we left! That was about $35 down the drain! But, if you ask Jillian...she will say that she had a great time and that is all that matters to me!
I forgot to bring my camera into the theater, so I have barely any pictures of our girls day. I almost recreated in my parent's media room...but didn't quite get around to it!

Jillian and Mommy on girls day

Jillian looking so stylish...minus the extremely chapped bottom lip

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Snow

So, I know that all the crazy snow was like SOOOOOO 2 weeks ago...but I just had to share some pictures with you guys! And keep in mind that these pictures were BEFORE we went to school that day! There was still a good 12 hours of snow that fell on top of this! It was amazing and something I will probably never see again in this lifetime! I just thought the view from my front and back porch was beautiful! Driving through the neighborhood that day was really breath-taking and peaceful!

View from the front porch

looking down the street the other way

view from my deck

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Lucky Number 22

Well, if you know me at all, then you would know that I am a numbers person. All dates are important to me and I really favor even numbers. My house number is even (2226), Seth and I's birthdays are on even days (28th and 26th). We were even born in an even year (1980). So, I also wanted my girl's birthday's on even days. Don't think I am Rainman or anything...I just like numbers! :) So, when I was due with Jillian on June 30th, I got to schedule my c-section and opted for June 22. Then I got pregnant with Jules. I was due April 28th and I realized that my two girls were going to be 22 months apart! Well, I had no choice but to have Jules on April 22nd. So, to sum up my long girls are 22 months apart and are both born on the 22nd! I guess some might think I am a freak...but someone needs to find the silver lining to having c-sections! :) And it is going to be really amazing if I can possible plan a 3rd baby (in the future...not now!!!) to be born on the 22nd. What skill I would have then! :)

And now to my is February 22nd. Jules is 22 months old today! That makes her the EXACT same age that Jillian was when Jules was born! I just can't even believe that Jillian was that young when we had another baby! She seemed so much older than Jules and in some ways, she was. She was already in a queen bed (and had been since 18 months), and I think we just treated her older than we do our Jules! We don't call her Baby Jules for nothing! So, I wanted to show you a little flashback of my girl Jillian at 22 months and on the day that her sister was born.

Jillian at the hospital waiting to meet her Baby Sister.
Look how much hair she had!!!

Peeking in the window to see Jules

Jillian holding Jules for the first time

Jillian with Mimi, who took care of us for a few days

The girl in action!

And here is Jules at 22 months! Just as wild and crazy as ever...and already fully into her terrible twos! Oh lucky me!!!

Sweet girls!
I sure hope their future soccer/softball/volleyball/basketball jerseys are #22!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

All Things Valentines 2010

We had a really fun time celebrating Valentine's Day this year. I just love this holiday because I love all things red and pink...and I just love hearts! We spent our celebrating by having parties at school during a huge snow storm, we had a HEART party at Mimi's house, and then celebrated Mimi's birthday on Valentines Day! The girls (and Seth and I) are about candied out, but had such a fun few days! Here are some pics of our Heart Day fun!

Here is Jules at her school party. She WOULD NOT smile at me the whole time. It was like she was embarrassed to have her mom there in front of all of her friends or something! She just glared at me. Of course, she was also eating a cupcake and she goes into a mode whilst consuming all sugar!

See what I mean? Another glare!

Here is Jillian with her favorite teacher and her favorite girls in her class.
Eva, Ella, Jillian, and Ms. Cheryl

Ella and Jillian

The girls partying together

Having treats and doing crafts!

Here is the table that Mimi set for her Heart Party! She is such a good party thrower! The girls had all sorts of treats from cake balls, to strawberry and marshmallow shish-ka-bobs, and even heart shaped ice cubes!

The five grandgirls

Again, Jules with that glare...

Mimi and her girls!

Here is Jillian getting V-day gifts from her momma and daddy!

Jules getting her gifts...and refusing to smile! I swear she is so happy and you wouldn't be able to tell from my pictures!

Pink overload

Happy Birthday to Mimi!!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pizza and Pajamas

Last week, Jillian and I had Pizza and Pajamas week at school in honor of the letter P! So, we got some cute pajamas and got to spend the whole day partying in comfortable clothes! I opted not to wear the usual goodwill t-shirt that I usually sleep in, and I got something a little more appropriate for the preschoolers to see.

Jillian in full pajama gear...including her lovey.

Aren't we a cute couple of pajama partiers??

Of course Jules had to get into a picture with us!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Pimp My Blog...Again

So, I have been working with Jen over at to recreate my blog. I absolutely LOVE what she has done!!! My new look definitely reflects my style and I am SO VERY HAPPY with it. Jen was so sweet to work with and I would recommend her to anyone looking to pimp their own blog!!!! So, go get a new look!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Dallas Blizzard

We had the most amazing snow yesterday! It literally snowed for about 20+ hours and stuck! This is something unheard of for us Texas girls...but we really enjoyed such a change of weather!!! The most amazing of all was that even though the school district where we live cancelled school, our preschool was not cancelled! I would have just gotten a sub, but it was Valentine party day and I didn't want the girls to miss out! So, Jillian, Jules, and I headed off to school and all day we felt like we were in a snow globe!
After school, Daddy came home from work early to play in the snow with the girls. He was so excited about it...but unfortunately our girls tend to be inside chicks because they didn't last long! Jules was a nightmare and cried the whole time. Jillian didn't like getting wet and dirty! So, they both ended up in their rooms and Daddy and I finished our snowman. Jillian named that snowman Jillian.

The girls before school

You can see their red noses and eyes because it was SOOO cold!

Jules has ADD when it comes to pictures. I can't EVER get her to look at my camera long enough for it to actually take her picture!

The girls in front of our house in the winter wonderland!

Aren't they cute little snow angels?

Jillian and Jillian

Jillian, Jillian, Daddy, and a SCREAMING Jules


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Heart My BFF

Jillian gave Emmy an early Valentine gift and the girls wore them to school today!
Aren't they precious????

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Little Genius

Yesterday, I helped Jillian make a Valentine for her cousin Emmy. If you have ever read my blog, then you know what a special bond these two have!!! They truly are best friends...and even though Summer and I have forced them on one another since birth, I still feel that they love eachother so much without us pushing it! Anyway, I gave Jillian some of my reject die-cut hearts from school and let her do her thing.
This below is what she created...

Now...where the genius part comes into play. If you enlarge this picture, then you will see how Jillian tried copying what I wrote. The word Emmy is not really recognizable...but it was her first time. She is totally mastering writing her name...and this is mostly THANKS to Ms. Cheryl, her teacher...than to me! Ha! Ms. Cheryl (who is totally wonderful!!!!) has really worked with Jillian and the girl can write her name without even seeing it anymore! I think that is smart for a 3 1/2 year old...but maybe I am just a proud mom! :) The other smart addition to Emmy's Valentine is the 2 stick figures right above the "I Love You" heart. She had me draw the Dale Family and Our Family in stick figures. Then she went to work and came and showed me that she had drawn Mimi and Papaw right underneath! I think she did a great job!!!! So...that is all for my little bragging session...I am just proud of my big girl!!!!!

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Friday, February 5, 2010

A Sweet Hairdo

On Monday morning, I remembered that I needed to do my lesson plans for school. So, I set the girls up at the table with breakfast, drinks, and a Backyardigans episode to keep them busy so that I could get my stuff done really quick. I kept calling to them and Jillian kept telling me that all was well. Well, not even 10 minutes later, I walked in and found that Jules had apparently rubbed her syrupy plate all on her her hair. Wow...what a nice start to our Monday morning! She ended up having a bath and hair-washing before 8:30! I just love this age!

NOT a good look for you girl!


Uh Oh...she is caught!


That is much better! Us blondes can't hide dirty hair very well! :)

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