Thursday, February 18, 2010

All Things Valentines 2010

We had a really fun time celebrating Valentine's Day this year. I just love this holiday because I love all things red and pink...and I just love hearts! We spent our celebrating by having parties at school during a huge snow storm, we had a HEART party at Mimi's house, and then celebrated Mimi's birthday on Valentines Day! The girls (and Seth and I) are about candied out, but had such a fun few days! Here are some pics of our Heart Day fun!

Here is Jules at her school party. She WOULD NOT smile at me the whole time. It was like she was embarrassed to have her mom there in front of all of her friends or something! She just glared at me. Of course, she was also eating a cupcake and she goes into a mode whilst consuming all sugar!

See what I mean? Another glare!

Here is Jillian with her favorite teacher and her favorite girls in her class.
Eva, Ella, Jillian, and Ms. Cheryl

Ella and Jillian

The girls partying together

Having treats and doing crafts!

Here is the table that Mimi set for her Heart Party! She is such a good party thrower! The girls had all sorts of treats from cake balls, to strawberry and marshmallow shish-ka-bobs, and even heart shaped ice cubes!

The five grandgirls

Again, Jules with that glare...

Mimi and her girls!

Here is Jillian getting V-day gifts from her momma and daddy!

Jules getting her gifts...and refusing to smile! I swear she is so happy and you wouldn't be able to tell from my pictures!

Pink overload

Happy Birthday to Mimi!!!!

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