Friday, February 12, 2010

The Dallas Blizzard

We had the most amazing snow yesterday! It literally snowed for about 20+ hours and stuck! This is something unheard of for us Texas girls...but we really enjoyed such a change of weather!!! The most amazing of all was that even though the school district where we live cancelled school, our preschool was not cancelled! I would have just gotten a sub, but it was Valentine party day and I didn't want the girls to miss out! So, Jillian, Jules, and I headed off to school and all day we felt like we were in a snow globe!
After school, Daddy came home from work early to play in the snow with the girls. He was so excited about it...but unfortunately our girls tend to be inside chicks because they didn't last long! Jules was a nightmare and cried the whole time. Jillian didn't like getting wet and dirty! So, they both ended up in their rooms and Daddy and I finished our snowman. Jillian named that snowman Jillian.

The girls before school

You can see their red noses and eyes because it was SOOO cold!

Jules has ADD when it comes to pictures. I can't EVER get her to look at my camera long enough for it to actually take her picture!

The girls in front of our house in the winter wonderland!

Aren't they cute little snow angels?

Jillian and Jillian

Jillian, Jillian, Daddy, and a SCREAMING Jules



Allison said...

OMG! B you crack me up...although I read your post out loud to my husband as I am crying laughing over the ADD comment (something we think about our girls but have never published) then the Jillian & Jillian...Eric wasn't laughing at all and he really didn't understand why I was unable to read it out loud due to the tears that were rolling, guess I just truly get your humor. Your blog always give me a laugh, i feel the same about summer's girls just make me laugh, takes me back to highschool...happy vday!

marcy said...

I love the new look!
The comments about the girls in the snow is hillarious and true!
I love you Jillian and Jules -
PS Don't be knocking us ADD people! We didn't cho - hey look kids, a deer!