Thursday, January 31, 2008

Baby #2's New Room

The nursery for Baby #2 is about 90% done so I thought I would post some pictures of it. I have had this room almost totally done before my doctor's appointment yesterday. I went in there and told my doctor that this BETTER still be a girl, because I have already done a complete nursery and have about 8 matching girl outfits for my two girls! Luckily, he came through for me, and she is still a she!!! And after yesterday's sonogram...I am sure. We could see the girl parts VERY clearly! WHEW!!! I would not be happy repainting this room!
Anyway, so I am using the same bedding as Jillian, but I really wanted to give this room a different feel than hers had...I want Baby #2 to get something special of her own. In Jillian's nursery, I painted green stripes with red silk curtains...and all red decorations. Well, I have had the hardest time trying to find little girl bedding in just red without pink. It does NOT exsist! So, this time, I decided to add the pink into the decorating in hopes that finding big girl bedding later on will be a lot easier! I painted the walls with red and pink polka dots and found some great green curtains to go with it. I am really excited about the way things have turned out...I really love to decorate, and I will be sad when I am all finished!!! So, here are the pictures of her room...

The window and chair

The chair...I spent a lot of time nursing in this thing...
The chair...another view

I am really proud of this lamp because I just copied an idea off of Those lamps on that website are all around $250...which is ridiculous!!! Who would really pay that for a lamp? I made mine for $ I am really excited about it. I think it looks just the same!
This table I just refinished so that it would match. I bought it when I was pregnant with Jillian and the green was always too dark and didn't I refinished it with the paint leftover from painting Jillian's room 2 years ago! Notice there is nothing else on the table...that is because Jillian LOVES to play in this room, and everything that I tried to put on there kept going MIA!

I also copied these cutains...the sheers with the ribbons in the back (not the green ones...I had to buy those). I saw the idea on pottery barn for like $60 a panel...and I did mine for a total of $19 for both panels! It was super easy too and NOT worth $120!!!
This is the view from the door of the whole kind of looks dark because we haven't put in the ceiling fan and new light it is pretty dark in there.
This is the bedding that my mother made for Jillian! I love this bedding and I can brag on what a great job my mother did. We picked out the fabrics together and then just pieced them together in random order. She really did a great job and I thought they turned out beautiful! The front two are missing right now because Miss Jillian stood on them everyday and now they need new my mom has to restuff those two!
The changing table...not full yet. That is my next project...I have to go through all the clothes and determine what was NOT ruined by Jillian's constant spit up!
Another view...with the closet

This chandelier is so mom bought it at a garage sale or something like that and gave it to me...I love it!

I know this is not hanging straight, but I didn't have the energy to go get the ladder before this picture. This sign is over the closet.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's official...No More Crib For Jillian

Most of the time, I use this blog to talk about Jillian and how wild and crazy she is...or how she never sits still...etc., etc. I really try not to brag about her all the time because I think people that use their blogs for talking about how perfect their kids are, are silly...and liars! But, I have to use this entry to brag about my little girl! I have already blogged before about moving her to her big girl bed...and how she is still so young and how nervous I was to make the transition. Plus, how is it already time for my precious baby to move out of her crib? (sniff sniff) Well, the transition could NOT have gone any better. She has done fantastic!

We started her with just naps about two weeks ago. There were a few days where she would fall asleep on the floor, but eventually she learned the ropes. Now, every single day, she starts in her bed, gets out to read some books or push her stroller around, and then gets right back in bed to fall asleep. And she has been getting about 2 to 2 1/2 hours of sleep each day! She doesn't even cry when she wakes up...she just gets up and starts playing again! I am so proud of her...I just want to reward her everyday with ice cream or something, but she doesn't get that yet!

Anyway, so I was planning on trying night time in the Big Girl Bed in February. But, I already have the nursery for Baby #2 just needs the crib. I am obviously in no rush really...I still have 2 1/2 more months to go, but I am just so ready to get these rooms put together. It is kind of my favorite thing to do! So, Monday night, we tried Jillian in her BGB. She did the exact same thing as naptime. She got out of the bed, got some books, got back into bed and fell asleep! She NEVER cried at all. And she slept until 7:45! Seth and I are so excited. I had no idea it would be this easy! (Disclaimer: I am not bragging that my kid is the best or that her childhood is easy...this one incident just happened to work in our favor!) So, as of yesterday, I broke down the crib and moved it to #2's room! Jillian is officially a TINY big girl!

Now Baby #2's room is just about finished and I will post some pictures of that soon. I go to the doctor today for my 28 week appt...and should get a picture of her there. I will post that, the room, and the name very soon!

These pictures have nothing to do with this post really...they are just some of the latest...and who wants to read a blog without pictures?
Jillian after her dose of Motrin...yummy!
Little Drooler

Just Chillin in the Tot Rod
Eating a little brownie!
And Poor Tyson...he never gets a shout out on the blog! Here he is after he got his haircut last week! He is so handsome with that close shave!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Nap time Progress Report

I started Jillian again last Monday in her big girl bed to nap. On Monday and Tuesday, she played for about an hour before I went in there and helped her get to sleep by laying her in the bed and patting her back. On Wednesday, she fell asleep wedged between her crib and the wall in a tiny space...and didn't stay asleep for very long! Thursday and Friday went about like Monday and Tuesday. Then finally, on Saturday, she fell asleep in her bed all by herself! YEAH! She always does stuff like that when Seth is around so that it looks like I make things up when he is work!
Anyways, the naps are going much better than I thought. She doesn't ever sit at the door and cry and scream...she just plays and does her own thing for a while. I think she likes the freedom of being able to get her books, play with her babies, etc. Today, she fell asleep almost under her crib and she has been sleeping for about two hours! So, I think we are getting things into a routine and hopefully we will be able to try night time soon! We tried it the first night and she totally freaked out! I think with it being dark and having too much freedom, that she just couldn't handle it. So, I thought I would try again in February...when she is good and used to that bed. So, for little girl is napping in her big girl bed...or at least somewhere near it!
She LOVES this new snack cup! Why did I wait until 19 months to get this thing?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Jillian's OTHER leopard dress and Nursery preview

Jillian got a new leopard print dress from her Great Aunt Meriam for Christmas. It is really cute and goes well with her leopard print shoes from Mimi. I know the rule is only one leopard print accessory at a time...but for an 18 month old...I think we can let it slide! (And she didn't have any other shoes to there!) Here are a couple shots of her before church this past Sunday.

Jillian starting to MAYBE pose for the camera

Jillian and Daddy

See ya! We are just now able to get all of that hair into one ponytail...yeah!!!

Time for Church! is a preview of Baby #2's room that I have been working on all week long! (I only get about 2-3 hours a day when Jillian is in her room for quiet time or it is a slow process!) I have only done the paint so far...but it is a lot of work...a lot of detail goes into making those polka dots perfect! Hopefully I will finish painting today so that I can get some of the furniture in there and out of my guest room! My house looks like a furniture store right now! It is coming together and I LOVE it so far!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Big Girl Bed...

Since Baby #2 is coming WAAAAAAAAAAAAY sooner than Seth and I had planned...we are having to move our Baby #1 into her big girl bed a lot sooner than I had wanted to. I do think Jillian is sort of ready since she can climb out of her crib and all, but still...the thought of my little baby in a big bed makes me a little teary. But, the time has come and so last weekend Seth and I moved the MATTRESSES ONLY into her room. I have the furniture that I used as a little girl...which I have refinished with a black distressed look. I really love this set and want Jillian to use it too. The only problem is that the bed is a queen and that just seems so big for this tiny baby to sleep in! So, I am having to make it a long process in getting her in there. Our plan is to just start out with naps and then when that seems to be going fairly well, then we will try nighttime. And then when that is going well, we will actually put the mattresses onto the bed! I have three months before Baby Girl #2 and I am hoping in that time to get her there!
So, last Monday I tried Jilly in there for naptime for the first time. I was completely prepared for a lot of screaming and kicking at the door. So, I laid her in her bed with her paci's, lovies, etc...and walked out. I watched her on my video monitor and she did GREAT! She looked out the window some and played around in the bed...but she never once got out of the bed! Then...SHE FELL ASLEEP...AND SLEPT FOR THREE HOURS! I RARELY get her to sleep that long for a nap in her crib! I couldn't believe it! I just watched her on the monitor pretty much the whole time and her little body just curled up in this big bed! Anyways, I am very proud of my girl and hopefully she will do it again...we start again tomorrow. The plan was interrupted with the throwing up that started that very night(see previous post)...and I didn't want her barfing all over her new sheets! So, we start again tomorrow in the big girl bed! I am sure it won't just be this easy...but that sure was a good way to start out!
Here she is before naptime showing me her big girl bed
Here she is after naptime...YEAH I slept for three whole hours!
Time to get up and get moving!
So proud of herself! Probably because I am making a HUGE deal of her accomplishment!
Time to get up and jump on the bed!
So excited!
Still so excited!
Time for the exit...

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sick Day

Jillian woke up the other night at about 9:30 throwing up...and didn't stop until about 2:00 or so! The sad thing about babies is that you can't tell them what is going she pretty much freaked out everytime it was happening! She would stick her hands in her mouth and cry...poor thing. When I found her in her bed doing it, I took over Jillian while Seth changed all of the sheets. Of course as all throw up stories go, she did it ALL OVER the front of me and her as I was holding her. We had a couple baths and several loads of laundry that night...and ended up making a pallet on the floor in the living room until she FINALLY fell asleep at 2:45!!! Nice. So yesterday we took it easy. Mimi brought over some soup, bananas, Gatorade, Jello, sprite, books, magazines, stickers...etc., etc.! We were fed and entertained for the rest of the day. Jillian still threw up a few times and didn't eat much of anything, but since she is still asleep at 7:30 this morning, I am hoping that she is done with the barfing!
Here are a couple of pictures of when I THOUGHT that the throwing up was finished. I was wrong...

Hmmm...that looks like something fun to eat...

Let me try a big bite...

Not sure about the texture...


Tyson...keep your distance!

And we also want to wish Grandma CC a Happy Birthday yesterday!!!! We didn't forget...we just didn't get on the computer to post it. Happy Birthday CC!!! We love you.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Oops...I forgot something

I posted Seth's uncle's pictures from New Years and totally forgot to post my own...of what us girls did on new years day. Even though we weren't invited to the game (smile) we still dressed up and cheered the Hogs on!!! Here is Jillian in her cheerleader outfit!!!

Go Hogs Go!

"Um...I think Daddy is going to be in a bad mood when he gets home!"

Emerson, Aunt Summer, and Jilly

The four Little Hog Fans...Emerson, Macy, Jillian, and Ansley
(Jillian looks REALLY bad in this picture but it is the only one I have of all four!)

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Cotton Bowl 2008

Well, we all know how The Cotton Bowl turned out this makes Seth a little sad to talk about we will leave the final Arkansas score off of this blog. The main point is that Seth, his dad, his brother Caleb, and our brother-in-law Layton did get to go to the game. It was a beautiful day...the high was only like 45 but the sun was shining and made it beautiful. The four boys had great seats but were unfortunately in the shade...they froze their booties off out there! Here are some cute pictures of the boys on their fun Cotton Bowl Day!
Layton, Buddy, Caleb, and Seth

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas 2007

This year for Christmas, we celebrated for almost a week straight! We started out by doing Christmas a little early with my family. We went to my parent's house and had dinner and exchanged gifts with all of them. Mimi and Papaw got Jillian a brand new kitchen and food to go with it...among all the other gifts that Mimi gets the girls. Aunt K got Jillian a brand new fur adorable! The Dales got Jilly a monogrammed bag and a precious necklace with her name on it! Jillian had a great time playing with all the cousins. and being with family. Her and Macy even got along great as Macy babysat J in Mimi's toy room! These two will be good friends if we have to force them!!
The next morning, Santa Clause came early and Jillian was SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited about her set up under the tree. She got a brand new Hot Pink "Tot Rod" motorized car. She also got some new bath toys, books, pajamas, a magnadoodle, and a Baby Bible. These gifts however meant nothing once she saw that car under the tree! She ran directly for that car, got in it, and drove over all of her other gifts! It was very funny and we MOSTLY got it on video...since Daddy isn't so good with the video camera! She had a great time playing with all of her new toys for a short time...then we packed up and drove to Arkansas.
We spent Christmas Eve with CC, Grandpa and Uncle Caleb. Jillian started running a fever that night, so she wasn't in the best shape to open her gifts, but she still gave it a good shot! She ended up falling asleep on me twice that night...which I loved!!! She got a brand new piano and some fun clothes, a puzzle, and some books from CC and Grandpa. Uncle Caleb hooked Jillian up with 3 Disney movies and some other toys! Christmas was spent with all of Seth's extended family. Jillian was still running a fever all day, but she still performed and played and had a good time with all of her family. She got a big rocking horse that sings, a small pink rocking horse that sings, a stuffed horse, 2 strollers, several babies, books, etc., etc. Jilly is not hurting in the toy department...lets just say that. Our Expedition was completely full on our trek back to Texas! What will we do when we have two kids stuff to haul around???
We really had a lovely time with both sides of the family and loved spending the holidays together. Seth has been off work for almost two weeks and we will both be sad to see him go back tomorrow. Jillian will be put back on a schedule tomorrow and put on Holiday she got to do what she wanted and eat what she wanted for about a week now!

Here are WAY too many pictures of our week. I have to post for feel free to ignore if you want!!!

Papaw, Jillian, and Mimi
Jillian busy getting into all of her Christmas stuff

Daddy helping Jillian open gifts

Seth and Ansley

Jillian trying to figure it all out on her own
Jillian and Macy checking out J's new kitchen!!!
Mommy and Jillian opening the food that goes with that new kitchen
The chaos that is Christmas with four (almost five) precious girls!

Papaw opening his presents
Aunt Summer opening her gifts

Layton getting his subscription to ESPN magazine

Aunt K in her latest hair be continued

Jillian's gifts from Santa Clause

Santa even left baby girl #2 a stocking!!!

And of course Tyson got in on some gifts from Santa too!
Jillian LOVES LOVES LOVES her new Tot Rod from Santa!!
I didn't realize that we would have to have the drinking and driving talk at such a young age!

J playing with her other toys...only because we made her. She loves that car!
Jillian got a new piano from CC and Grandpa!
Daddy, CC, and Uncle Caleb watching Jilly on Christmas Eve

Uncle Caleb helping Jillian open her gifts
My poor sick baby fell asleep on me
Grandpa, Jillian, and CC

Jillian was the center of all the attention on Christmas Day with Seth's entire family watching her!

Jillian LOVES her babies and must be pushing one in the stroller at all times...with a purse. We think she is quite the girly girl...a mommy in training.
Playing babies with Grandpa
Daddy, Jilly, and CC watching home videos...Jillian loves to watch herself on the screen
Jillian's new kitchen that we finally got put up

Playing House

"Can I help you?"

J tickling the ivories on her new piano