Saturday, January 5, 2008

Oops...I forgot something

I posted Seth's uncle's pictures from New Years and totally forgot to post my own...of what us girls did on new years day. Even though we weren't invited to the game (smile) we still dressed up and cheered the Hogs on!!! Here is Jillian in her cheerleader outfit!!!

Go Hogs Go!

"Um...I think Daddy is going to be in a bad mood when he gets home!"

Emerson, Aunt Summer, and Jilly

The four Little Hog Fans...Emerson, Macy, Jillian, and Ansley
(Jillian looks REALLY bad in this picture but it is the only one I have of all four!)


Elizabeth Byerly said...

What cute little girls!

Mittig family said...


My dad was telling me about some deal with Arkansas/A&M signing a multi year contract to play in the new Texas Stadium when it opens! I bet y'all are pumped. Sorry about the Cotton Bowl. But Missouri did get rooked by the BCS so I think they would have beat anybody if that helps!

She is the cutest little Hog cheerleader. It always makes me wish my sister and her girls lived closer when I see your fam!