Thursday, January 3, 2008

Cotton Bowl 2008

Well, we all know how The Cotton Bowl turned out this makes Seth a little sad to talk about we will leave the final Arkansas score off of this blog. The main point is that Seth, his dad, his brother Caleb, and our brother-in-law Layton did get to go to the game. It was a beautiful day...the high was only like 45 but the sun was shining and made it beautiful. The four boys had great seats but were unfortunately in the shade...they froze their booties off out there! Here are some cute pictures of the boys on their fun Cotton Bowl Day!
Layton, Buddy, Caleb, and Seth


Dallas said...

we were there also and saddened by the score. it was freezing and we ended up leaving with 9 minutes to go. it was super fun though and i'm glad we can say we went!

Mindy said...

my sympathies for those who attended the game. I can only imagine how the ride back was. I was pissed off all day. Its okay-go Petrino.