Thursday, January 31, 2008

Baby #2's New Room

The nursery for Baby #2 is about 90% done so I thought I would post some pictures of it. I have had this room almost totally done before my doctor's appointment yesterday. I went in there and told my doctor that this BETTER still be a girl, because I have already done a complete nursery and have about 8 matching girl outfits for my two girls! Luckily, he came through for me, and she is still a she!!! And after yesterday's sonogram...I am sure. We could see the girl parts VERY clearly! WHEW!!! I would not be happy repainting this room!
Anyway, so I am using the same bedding as Jillian, but I really wanted to give this room a different feel than hers had...I want Baby #2 to get something special of her own. In Jillian's nursery, I painted green stripes with red silk curtains...and all red decorations. Well, I have had the hardest time trying to find little girl bedding in just red without pink. It does NOT exsist! So, this time, I decided to add the pink into the decorating in hopes that finding big girl bedding later on will be a lot easier! I painted the walls with red and pink polka dots and found some great green curtains to go with it. I am really excited about the way things have turned out...I really love to decorate, and I will be sad when I am all finished!!! So, here are the pictures of her room...

The window and chair

The chair...I spent a lot of time nursing in this thing...
The chair...another view

I am really proud of this lamp because I just copied an idea off of Those lamps on that website are all around $250...which is ridiculous!!! Who would really pay that for a lamp? I made mine for $ I am really excited about it. I think it looks just the same!
This table I just refinished so that it would match. I bought it when I was pregnant with Jillian and the green was always too dark and didn't I refinished it with the paint leftover from painting Jillian's room 2 years ago! Notice there is nothing else on the table...that is because Jillian LOVES to play in this room, and everything that I tried to put on there kept going MIA!

I also copied these cutains...the sheers with the ribbons in the back (not the green ones...I had to buy those). I saw the idea on pottery barn for like $60 a panel...and I did mine for a total of $19 for both panels! It was super easy too and NOT worth $120!!!
This is the view from the door of the whole kind of looks dark because we haven't put in the ceiling fan and new light it is pretty dark in there.
This is the bedding that my mother made for Jillian! I love this bedding and I can brag on what a great job my mother did. We picked out the fabrics together and then just pieced them together in random order. She really did a great job and I thought they turned out beautiful! The front two are missing right now because Miss Jillian stood on them everyday and now they need new my mom has to restuff those two!
The changing table...not full yet. That is my next project...I have to go through all the clothes and determine what was NOT ruined by Jillian's constant spit up!
Another view...with the closet

This chandelier is so mom bought it at a garage sale or something like that and gave it to me...I love it!

I know this is not hanging straight, but I didn't have the energy to go get the ladder before this picture. This sign is over the closet.


Mittig family said...

What a great nursery! I'm really impressed with your decorating! Do y'all have a name yet? She's a lucky little girl to live in that posh little nursery!

Do y'all ever go out to South Lake town center? There are several great boutiques out there!

Kimberly said...

I Absolutely LOVE it!! So original and classy!! I love the unique and gorgeous bedding, curtains, lamp, and chandalier over the changing table.
I agree with Summer, it is definetely a Posh Nursery for a Swanky baby girl!!

Aunt Carol said...

Ok can this be MY room when iIcome stay!?! Holy cow B it looks so great!! You have always been so great at decorating though, so i'm not really surprised...but the chandelier, the walls, the curtains (LOVE the green) and the lamp are my favorite parts! Wait, no...the new baby is my favorite part!
BRAVO mamma!

Mindy said...

love love love it! The chandalier is my favorite part! And you did soo good on all the polka dots! AND your lamp does look fabulous! Good girl. Way to be creative.

aWare said...

Love the room, so unique and beautiful.

Dallas said...

looks great! fabulous job on everything!!!!!! she (whatever her fabulous name is going to be) will love it!

TDavis said...

I love it!

The Brown Family said...


parrish said...

I'll give you $10 for the lamp...

Elizabeth Byerly said...

Looks great- I know you're glad to have it put together!I've looked several times but this is the first I've had 2 hands to type!

Kourtney A said...

i love the room it looks great I cant tell you how fabulous it is
i love you

Kourtney A said...

i love the room it looks great I cant tell you how fabulous it is
i love you

Anonymous said...

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