Monday, February 11, 2008

WT weekend and Sleeping Jillian

I have been really bad about the blog lately...I guess we just haven't had too much going on this past week...and I have been such a picture slacker! Anyway, Seth was off on Friday and we spent the whole weekend outside! It was a fabulous weekend with 75 degree weather the whole much fun. Seth and I were so WT and we sat outside in our back yard to get some sun. We do NOT have a pool, but we just put our patio furniture right there in the yard and soaked up the sun. It was nice. Jillian got to come out some too after naptime...and I did take some video, but no pictures. I have no idea how to upload video, so there will be no pictures of our WT weekend in the backyard. I will include some pictures of Jillian sleeping in her new bed. She is still doing so great! I am so thankful for her easy transition because this has been weighing on my mind since we surprisingly found out we were pregnant in August. I thought she would be too little and things would not be easy...but she has proven me wrong! Anyway, here are some pictures of her sleeping. I just think sleeping baby pictures are the best! By the way, we did finally put the mattresses on the bed frame...and MAN IS that bed tall!!! I am making a dust ruffle and pillows with my mom and hopefully will have J's room done very soon too!

The scene: 7 pacis, 5 babies, 2 lovies, and about 10 pillows

I love this sweet face


C said...

She resembles Macy when she was little in that last picture!! So precious and such a big girl now!

Mindy said...

I love that sweet little face too! And am I a dork because I just now at the end figured out what WT was? Is that like some secret Texas slang? haha?