Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Mimi!!!!

Jillian's Mimi is a Valentine's Baby and so today is her birthday! We are going to meet Mimi out for breakfast today, but we just wanted to give her a little shout out on the blog this morning. Mimi has been so consistant since Jillian was born at trying so hard with Jillian...even through all of her touch-me-not/clingy to mama stages...Mimi just kept right on trying. She would pick her up, play with her...all the good things a grandma does. Well, Jillian has always loved Mimi, but it has FINALLY paid off BIG TIME in the last month or so. Jillian LOVES LOVES LOVES her Mimi! She walks around the house saying Mimi Mimi Mimi all the time. She also knows when we pull on Mimi's street because she starts chanting her name there too. I know this makes my Mom so happy! Anyway, Jillian is in love...with her Mimi! So, Happy Birthday Mimi! We hope you have the most FABULOUS day today!!!

Mimi's Birthday Last Year


parrish said...

Happy Birthday Mims!!! You must be the youngest grandmother in history!

Kourtney A said...

Parrish you have some brown on your nose!!! those are sweet pics of Mom and j and she has been abuot MIMI i love her personality really come out and she is starting to look like a big girl. and she doesnt cry and run away anymore when she sees me. i get that big smile were her eyes squinch up i love it
wow when your up blogging i am going to bed really i have a job interview and i cant sleep
i love you