Friday, July 31, 2009


I stole this picture from my sister's blog a while back and wanted to share.
Here is Emmy and Jillian playing in Emmy's room.
Aren't they so cute!
I mean...are they checking their email together here or what???? :)

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Thursday, July 30, 2009


Last weekend I took Jillian to see Dora Live with my friend Susie and her little girl, Violet. We had a REALLY great time at the show (despite fits on the way there that I WON'T go into) and I am really glad that we went. Susie and I were even really entertained as the show was not NEARLY as cheesy as we expected! Boots was our favorite cute! Anyways, here are the pictures of the kiddos at the show! (For some reason they uploaded fuzzy...this is not how they look on my computer...but I am NOT battling blogger any more today!)

Jilly getting ready for the big show!

cheese....pure excitement on her face!

Jules got to look cute too, even though she got to have a stay-at-home date with Daddy.

Violet and Jillian walking to their seats.

Jillian with her blue estrella!

The girls posing by their seats

Me and the girls

Susie and Violet


Violet on the way home

Jillian on the way home. Too much excitement for a bunch of 3 year olds!

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Just Another Reason to Hate The Treadmill...

On Thursday of last week, the girls and I spent the morning at the pool with friends and then went over to one of our friend's house to have lunch. The kids played really well together and we were having a really fun time. I actually spent most of the time following Jules around because she is determined to go up everyone's stairs and she has NOT mastered coming down the stairs yet. I was worried about the wrong injury it turns out!
Around 1:00, I hear this LOUD scream coming from my friend's office. I know immediately that Jules is in some serious pain and I run in the room. I find Jules pinned underneath a running treadmill and the carpet. I am not really sure what happened after that...I am sure I threw children out of the way left and right to get to Jules and rescue her from her accident. She was hysterical and didn't calm down for a good 45 minutes of screaming...loud! The poor girl...I could not calm her and I knew she was in a lot of pain.
What had happened was that Jillian and her little friend must have gone into the office and turned it on. It wasn't going very fast, but fast enough that when Jules climbed on, it sent her to the back and then the belt just kept rubbing on her skin. I couldn't get her in to my doctor because she is out of town, so I just decided to take her in to the ER and make sure it was fine. I felt so nervous like they were going to pick me up for child abuse or something...she looked really bad! But, it just turns out that her side has 1st degree burns and a large burn on her inner knee was 2nd degree. So, here are some pics of my poor girl! We have been doing lots of cleaning of these burns and she HATES that part. Other than that, you would not know she was even hurt anymore! I am pretty sure that she will NEVER be a fan of the treadmill in her future...and who can blame her?
Jules side under her arm
Her side and elbow
her side
her little knee...breaks my heart

her hospital name tag on her sweet little chubby foot

Mimi kept Jilly while we took Jules to the hospital, so Papaw came over to pick her up and give Jules some loving. Jules really knows how to milk it and get some sympathy. She had Papaw right in the palm of her hand!

We had to cover her bandages with her BabyLeggs because what 15 month old isn't going to pull that straight off? So, she is starting a new trend! And yes, she did put that necklace on herself...AND wore that bow (and only that bow) the entire time we were in the ER! We have priorities people. Just because you are in the hospital, it is no reason not to look your very best!

Finding comfort in food. Hopefully she won't get attacked by an elliptical machine because she just might need it when she is older if she keeps hauling that snack cup around 24/7!!

Her new trick...climbing onto her's and Jillian's chairs to turn off the TV.

And here is my girl at 6:15 pm fast asleep in my arms. She had such a long day with no nap and lots of screaming, that she just passed out!

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Our Family Destin Trip...2009

We just recently returned from our family trip to Destin not too long ago. I am such a bad blogger lately because we have been busy and every post I feel is FOREVER long documenting all of our birthdays, anniversaries, etc. , etc. Blogging it has become a chore and I think that is why I have been avoiding my computer! :) So, I am back and excited to just do fun little posts again! But first, here are TONS of pictures of our trip to Destin!
We had a great time with us, The Dales and Mimi & Papaw! We stayed in a house this year, which was fun because it was nice and a really cool looking place. However, it was NOT fun for us because we chose the room on the 3rd floor...and that is a lot of stairs to go up and down every time you need a diaper or something! The house was cool though, and we had a nice pool, and were right across the street from the beach. We spent every morning at the beach, then the boys would take the kids to the pool while the girls made lunch, and then we would spend the afternoon in the pool! We had great weather and really got to spend a LOT of fun with my family! So, here are many many pictures from our fun vacation!

Jules and Jilly looking TAN!

Jules first steps on the sand! Most babies cry or get weirded out by it...but not this baby! She was born for the beach! She TOTALLY looks like the Coppertone baby now that she is so tan and has the white blonde hair! You should see the little booty tan those!

She likes it!!!

First dip in the ocean! She is so happy...definitely her father's daughter!

Emmy and Jillian jumping in the ocean!
Ready for the beach!
The best view...

Daddy and Jules hanging out...I just love this picture. Jules looks angelic!

We had so much beach gear (blow up pool, tent, chairs, toys, etc., etc.) that we ended up driving it over to the beach everyday. Here is Mimi carting around 80% of her GRANDgirls!

Seth, Layton, and Papaw filling up the kiddie pool everyday!

Jillian covered in sand

Jilly and Emmy playing on the beach!

The girls eating breakfast! Aren't they all so cute and tan?
Jules, Ansley, Jilly, Macy, and Emmy

Jillian and Emerson in their airbrushed shirts.
The girls get a shirt every time we come!

Ansley, Emmy, Jilly, Macy

The family shot...of course the kids are thrilled!

Jilly and Emmy! This one is going to hang in their college dorm room! :)

Layton and Seth playing horseshoes while Papaw refs! These three boys had a great time playing!

The girls eating snacks in their tent.

Jules pointing at the ocean.

Our setup at the beach...the tent, pool, chairs, umbrella. We have been to the beach enough that I think we have finally mastered how to do it with 5 kids in tow! We were able to stay out for long time.

Daddy and Jules

Jules playing at the beach

I really LOVE this picture! Papaw and Jules playing at the beach! Jules really LOVES her papaw!

Jillian and Seth

Jules eating...that is pretty much all she wanted to do at the beach! Snack, snack, snack...

oh yeah...and drink! Yes I give my baby coke zero...whats the big deal? :)

My girls playing together

and sharing!!!! WOW!

Jilly and Daddy

Jilly and Daddy

Jillian found all of these really nice and perfect shells right on the beach. I swear they were not $1.97 from Wal-Mart.

Emmy, Jilly, and Macy

Macy and Jilly

And here is Mimi...AKA The Baby Jules Whisperer. Jules hasn't slept on anyone since about 4 weeks old or something! :) Well, Mimi was able to get her to sleep every single day we were there! Mimi has been able to do that to all the girls...she just has the touch!

Here she is another day...different suit! Isn't it amazing????

I really love this picture too! Mimi and Jules relaxing on the beach.

Macy, Emmy, and Jilly

Jules snacking away!

Jillian too...I don't know what it is about the pool and beach, but all the girls constantly wanted something to eat!

Jillian playing in the pool

Summer and I getting some (unheard of) time to lay out! This is also proof that I was ACTUALLY on this vacation with my family...since I appear to be in NO pictures.

Layton and Seth laying out

Jules with Mimi and Papaw at Maguires...our favorite Destin Hamburger place! Aren't my parents so adorable in this picture?

This year, we drove to Destin. 12 hours alone sucks bad enough, but when you have 2 kids that HATE the car, it is enough to make you want to end it all! HaHa! Well, on the way home, we did the whole trip in 1 day...and Jules slept a total of 37 minutes from 6:15 am until 9:45 pm when we pulled up to our house. The kid is amazing! What 15 month old has that kind of endurace???? Luckily we were able to stop off in Louisiana to see my grandparents and family for some famous Johnny's pizza! Here we all are with my cousin Crista and Memaw.

Memaw, Me, and Jules
If I look bad here, it is simply becasue I had already crawled back and forth between the front and back seats of the car a good 200 times by this point to fetch lovies, paci's, snacks, art supplies, etc. All that in a skirt....I am sure there were some truckers out there that caught a nice little show from me! HA!

Memaw and Papaw with all of their GreatGrandGirls!!!!

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