Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Big Birthday Bash!!!

On Saturday, we had Jillian's 3rd birthday party at our neighborhood pool. Now usually I have these parties and I have a meal and tons of decorations...and really...I don't enjoy the party at all. That is because I am stressed with too much to do or worried about making sure everything is perfect. Well, this year, I decided that I really wanted to enjoy Jilly's party! So, I could have had it at my mom's pool (or Papaw's the girls call it), but instead I just decided to stay low-key and have a fun and simple party at the neighborhood pool. Well, it really paid off. The party was SOOOOOOOO much fun, and I had the best time just getting to be with our friends and family and not worrying about all the details!
Our guests included: Mimi & Papaw, B-Pa & CC, The Dales, Aunt K, Uncle Caleb, Aunt Carol, Jo, Grandmother, and The Preisslers!

So, for probably the last time, we had a mostly family party with just our very best play group friends and the party was a HUGE success. Everyone had a great time...and MOST importantly...Jilly LOVED her 3rd birthday party and has been talking about it ever since. We had cake, some fruit, and some goldfish (because ...duh...we were having a swimming party) and LOTS of swimming! So, here are the pictures from Jillian's 3rd Birthday Bash!!!

Our little family of four

Jillian getting ready for the party! Seth and I went and reserved a spot at 9AM just in case and Jillian was SOOOOOOOO ready to get the party started!

This 3 year old is TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL!

And of course, Little sister was looking MIGHTY fine in her bikini! I mean, have you ever seen a better bikini body? I am sure it is a matter of time before Seth won't allow the girls to wear bikinis!

Jillian and Daddy just testing the waters before our guests arrived.

And the FABULOUS Baby Jules looking very J-Lo in her festive bikini. I am sure the swim diaper added to her J-Lo-Ness...if you know what I mean!

Jillian and her cake

The Cake...which I LOVED...except that the lady didn't put any pink on it! WHAT???? I mean, I sent her a picture of Jillian's bathing suit, and the colors were supposed to match! I kept saying it looked like a boy cake with all the brown and blue, but my fam and friends assured me otherwise. The cake really was precious DESPITE the lack of hot pink! And it DID match the invitation...which is what I wanted!

The table with the cake and snacks

The presents and party favors table. For our party favors, we had bags of water guns and sunglasses. sweet niece who LOVES to be the caretaker and BIG girl...hanging
with Violet and Jillian.

Papaw, Mimi, Jo and Grandmother!
Jillian had 2 Great-Grandmothers come to her 3rd birthday!

Mimi TRYING to corral Baby Jules...who just wants to get down and get into trouble!

Jillian jumping off the side to Daddy (as B-Pa lifeguards in the background)! I will have another post later on how Jillian is such a fish this year after swimming lessons! The girl can't be stopped with her swimming...with and without her life jacket!

Jilly with 2 of her FAVORITE cousins...Macy (up front) and Ansley

Okay...melt my heart...Emerson, Jillian, and Violet had the best time playing together! They all turn 3 between June to October...and the 3 of them had the best time playing together at the party! Emerson is Summer's youngest and Violet belongs to my BF in the neighborhood! So, I love these next few pictures!

Jillian with her BESTIES!!!
(From Top: Emmy, Jilly, Violet)

Emmy, Jilly, and Violet just swimming together!
I know these girls have a LONG future of best-friendness ahead of them and I CAN'T WAIT to have these pictures in their High School Graduation slide show!

Jillian just doing her THANG at her party!

Look at my girl swimming underwater with no life jacket! She has made AMAZING progress with her swimming! Seth and I are so proud of her...since she really had NO CHOICE but to swim...and swim EARLY!

My little fish!

Ok, just cause it isn't YOUR birthday, is no excuse to not look FAB in your bikini! I mean , look at my big 14 month old! Isn't this body awesome? Jules is chubby in ALL the right places!

LOVE my Baby Jules in her teeny bikini and piggy-tails!

and this pic just in case you didn't get enough...

...and this one too...

OKAY...back to the birthday party!
Here is Jilly and her cousins singing Happy Birthday!

Jilly blowing out her candles!
3 I the only one in shock???

"Let them eat cake..."

Still loving some chocolate cake!

This is Jillian at what I imagine is her happiest moment in her 3 years! At the pool with all of her friends...right after she ate a HUGE piece of chocolate cake! This is one lucky and happy girl!

This is pretty much my FAVORITE picture of the day! It is Jillian surrounded by all of her VERY best friends and eating cake! What a lucky girl!
Violet, Ansley, Jilly, Emmy, and Macy

The family
Another attempt at a good shot of the 4 of us after the cake!

Time to open presents! Jilly had LOTS of help from all of her girls!

The HAPPY birthday girl!

Jilly got LOTS of great gifts from all of her family and friends.

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annalee said...

what a perfect summer party! and such a beautiful proud 3-year-old.
ps- it's a good thing you posted each and every one of those jules bikini pics, because i really couldn't get enough of her cuteness!

Rachel said...

Great job Mama!! That looks like a great party and Jillian looked soooo happy!! I am in shock too that she is 3, that means Owen is almost there too!!!

Thanks for the Jules bikini pics, I could just eat them up!!!

MG said...

Your little ones are so precious. I can't get enough of Jules' bikini. Also, Jillian looks so grown up. B, you still really know how to throw a party.

Mindy said...

What a fun party! Happy 3rd birthday Jillian Jane. I loved loved loved her cake and her invitation too. And I am so glad you actually got to enjoy the party. Oh and, Jules' teeny bikini could not be any cuter!

aWare said...

These pictures are so cute! Those two girls are absolutely adorable! I love the swimsuits!

Rachel said...

Thanks for the comment B! I meant to text you last night and fill you in as I knew you would make me feel good about it!! I really don't care how she gets here - just want her here and everything be normal (if that is possible)! We will text yall if anything happens!!!