Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy 29th Birthday Seth!!!

Yesterday...amongst all of the Jillian-turns-3 celebrations, Seth turned 29! I usually have Jillian's birthday the weekend before Seth's so as to not overshadow his day...but it did not work out this year. Still, I think Seth had a pretty amazing day doing exactly what he wanted...going to the pool and being with family. Saturday night, Seth and I went out to dinner and met up with Aunt Carol for a fun we did get a date and a birthday dinner in. Then on Sunday, we had breakfast with Seth's family, and then over to my parent's pool all day long for some fun in the sun. We then ate with my WHOLE family at our family's favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner and had cake and presents at our house afterwards. I had a lot of fun and really hope Seth did too!
Happy 29th Birthday SETH!!!!! We hope you enjoy your last year in your 20's!!!! :) HA HA!!! Seth refuses to hear that he is almost 30. He will allow 29 at this point but no discussing next year's birthday!

Seth and his favorite girls on his big day!

The girls waiting for dinner

Seth...father and uncle EXTRAORDINAIRE!!!!!!

opening gifts with a little help from his little friends

the birthday boy

Here is Jules being all crazy as usual!

Just the four of us

Jillian eating birthday cake

And here is Jules...sigh! You would have thought this was her first birthday all over again! She was all into the cake and all of us were standing over her taking pictures!

lick those fingers girl..

A girl after my own heart.

And here is Emmy feeding Jilly her cake!
They are just the cutest!

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Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Seth! It must suck being that close to 30 =). Don't feel too bad - Shane will be this year! WE ARE GETTING OLD!!!!

Allysa Moorefield said...

I have been reading your blog for a little bit and im in love! Your family is adorable!:)Your such an inspiration! I absoutley love your dog tyson! I just wanted to ask if you had a hard time keeping up with the sheding? I have always wanted a pug but I was afraid of the heavy shedding!
Thanks for you time!