Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Day In The Life of The Birthday Girl

Yesterday was Jillian's big day and we did a LOT of fun things and I took a LOT of pictures. So, I think I will just let the pictures tell her story...

When Jillian got up, we made muffins together. She wanted banana nut over chocolate chip! What in the world?

Here are the girls enjoying birthday breakfast.

Jillian about to blow out her candles while showing us that she is officially 3!

Blowing out the candles!
She has some of the yogurt parfait on her face from earlier...forgot a picture of that one! :)

Jillian got some new hot pink crocs!
She has been wanting some since all 3 of her cousins have them and they are so cool!

Showing off the crocs

Here is Jillian posing for her 3 year picture.
Make sure and check out the previous post to see how much she has grown since last year.

Jillian and Mama...the two stars from June 22, 2006!

The first thing we did yesterday was to go to Old Navy...or as Jillian calls it, "The Pannequin Store." She is OBSESSED with the mannequins in all the Old Navy commercials and loves them in real life too. So, when I asked her what she wanted to do, she said she wanted to go to The Pannequin Store...and that is what we did. So, here is Jillian posing with a few of her closest friends.

Jillian LOVES this little girl...she was hugging her goodbye.

Jilly picked out these hot pink and VERY COOL new sunglasses as her treat!
She wore them all day and looked awesome! :)

Then, we went where else...Chick-Fil-A! We met Mimi and Aunt K there for some lunch and ice cream.
In true Aunt Kourtney style, she shows up with the very biggest balloon she could find! Jillian LOVED her Dora balloon from Aunt K!

Jules, Mimi, Aunt K, and Jilly

Then after lunch, Daddy came home from work to help us celebrate the rest of the day. While Jules took a miniature nap, Jilly got to open 2 more presents. She got 2 games...CandyLand and Memory. She had a blast playing them both yesterday and I am so excited she is old enough for something like this now. She REALLY loved memory.

So, after a few games, we took Jillian to Build-A-Bear. Let me start out by saying I am not a fan of stuffed animals...they are simply a waste of space and you can't do anything with them. But, Jillian has never done Build-A-Bear, and I thought she would really get into it. I was right...she loved every second of it, and has been carrying hers around ever since.
She chose a Hello Kitty and it turned out so cute. Here she is bathing it. You can see Daddy in the background wrestling with Jules! That girl is EVERYWHERE!

Here is Jillian and her finished doll that she ironically named Jillian! I have proof...it is on the dolls birth certificate! Jillian chose pajamas, Hello Kitty slippers, and Hello Kitty panties for her doll. It is really cute!

For dinner, we went to Pei Wei since Jillian said she didn't want anything....Seth and I figured we might as well have a decent meal. Here is Jillian eating...Edamame. That is all she ate...almost a whole order of it! I swear, if I would just eat what Jillian eats in a week, then I would totally be skinny!

And finally, what birthday is complete without a little cake. This is Father's Day-turned-birthday cake...but Jillian loved it just the same! Jules even got in on the cake. The perfect ending to a really fun birthday!
Jillian's party is on Saturday...and she is having a pool party! So, if I know myself...and I do...then there will be tons of pictures next week of the big party!

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Rachel said...

What a fun birthday! She looks like she had tons of fun and I am loving her skirt!!

Heather said...

Just found your blog and love reading!! You have a beautiful family! Your girls are precious and gorgeous! My little girl has the same jammies as your little one! so fun!! What a fun birthday party!

annalee said...

i am cracking up about the pannequin store! that is awesome. jillian has grown so much in a year!

Katie said...

I've loved watching your sweet girl grow up the past 3 years!!

Mindy said...

I cant believe you are officially the mommy of a 3 year old! She looks so much more grown up compared to her picture from last year. I love her hello kitty build a bear, even though I totally agree with you on the stuffed animals being a waste of space. At least she likes it and made a cute one, right?! Good job mommy and Happy Birthday Jillian Jane!

Carolyn said...

Jilly and the Pannequins is the cutest thing ever! I cannot wait for her party this weekend, I love Jilian Jane SO MUCH!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jilly! Happy birthday to your Father too!!! He is the best father ever!!!

Kimberly said...

Happy Birthday, Jillian! I am laughing so hard at the old navy manniquens (i have no idea how to spell that) because Adalie is the exact same way!! She actually prefers the dog but insists on sitting up at the front with her "friends" while I shop within eyeshot. She greets everyone as they come in and carries on conversations with her mannequin friends. They are two peas in a pod I swear!!!!