Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Movin On Up...

Jules is officially 13 months old and inching closer to 14 months as we speak! Since I am not doing my normal monthly updates anymore, I thought I would just fill you in on a couple of things. Here are the things that I have noticed about Jules lately that tell me she is growing up...

  • Since she is walking (and running everywhere), she is so much more independent! YEAH for mommy! She wants to do her own thing all the time now. This is such a change from crawling around following me and screaming like before. It is like I went to Paris and she was a needy baby, and i came back and she is Miss Independent.

  • Still, she is a cuddler when she has time. The girl needs some serious loving!!!
  • She is starting to say lots of words. Her favorite word is Ball. She loves our bouncy balls and walks around saying ball all day. Her other words are: Mama, Dada, Doggy, Kitty, Ball, T (for T-bone, our dog), Book. I think that is about it. She does LOTS of talking in her own way.
  • She is wild...she has this crazy hair (funny post on this coming soon) and we think it holds all her power like Sampson or something! She just runs around with this toothy grin and crazy hair acting funny! Jillian is our little rule-follower, and Jules is more the funny rambunctious one!
  • She has LOTS of teeth. Lately she has been working on getting those back ones...not fun!

  • She LOVES to brush her teeth...which is great since Big Sis hates it. When we say "time to brush teeth", Jules will drop everything and run to the bathroom.

  • She has recently gotten really into purses and shoes. She carries a purse around with her very often and always wants shoes on. She cannot keep any shoes on for long, but will repeatedly go up to Seth for him to put them on her. He will, they will fall off, and the whole thing starts over.

  • She LOVES the pool....which is good because we go almost every day! She just sticks her whole face under and thinks it is funny. I don't know if this is a normal age thing, her natural personality, or if it is because Seth and I had our girls in the pool since 2 weeks old!

  • And perhaps her biggest accomplishment is moving into a booster chair at the dinner table. This was simple because I HATE high chairs. They are disgusting and dirty and I hate cleaning up underneath them. So, I moved Jillian to a regular chair, and Jules got the booster. She is a little short, but nothing stops our little Jules from her food!

Bye Bye High Chair!!!!

Hello Big Booster! I think she feels a little more part of the family when she gets to eat with us at the table! I also just recently started giving her utensils (whoops...gave them to Jillian at like 10 months! Poor 2nd kid!) But she is doing pretty good with them. She gets the point and really tries to make it work...just not there yet!

Sweet Sisters eating lunch together

Brushing those teeth and loving it! See what I mean about the hair?

Ok, so Jules doesn't LOOK happy here, but she was. We were playing dress up!

I think I have said before that Jules is in LOVE with our dog Tyson! I think he is her first boyfriend. She looks for him all the time, feeds him, and loves on him always. Well, whenever she is too quiet, I know right where to find her...
That is right...caught you! BTW, if you are wondering, she is playing dress up in Jillian's pajamas...which explains the random outfit!

Jules looking SO cute in her navy outfit from Mimi from Paris and her gold shoes from CC!!!

The girls before church. They really are the best of little buddies and that just make my heart so happy!

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Rachel said...

Sweet post Brittney! Jules is growing so fast, I can't believe it!! I love their church outfits!!

Hey - when I see you next week, remind me to tell you about the nice lady that is making Claire and Bree smocked dresses that are fab!!!!

Dallas said...

yep, you could have been describing Elyn. my fearless one. she is precious! and i hate the high chair too. i got rid of it asap. although, i still have to keep nora contained in a booster. that girl would be all over the place ;).

annalee said...

seriously cutest bubble ever. i'm in love with it. do they make it in our size:)?

Elizabeth said...

Wow, can't believe she's 13 months! Doesn't it seem to go so much faster with the second one? I'm pretty sure that our girls could DESTROY a house together.It's like reading about my girls. Loved the dress up photo of the three of you!