Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Our May Trip to Arkansas

About a month ago (I am REALLY behind on posts!!!!) we went to Arkansas for a long weekend. We did a lot of fun things like eat breakfast at the War Eagle Mill, ride four wheelers, go to church, go to Aunt Lynn's house, take some walks, and of course...ride the boat!!!! Jillian loves going on B-Pa's boat, and so we took as many rides as we could! The lake is REALLY high right now and so the dock is so far out that Seth or B-Pa would have to take a canoe out to the dock to get the boat...to come and get us! It was a lot of work for them I am sure, but Jillian really loved the boat rides!
Here is Jillian modeling her awesome life jacket suit over her clothes!
Doesn't she look adorable? :) She really thought she was cool though!

There is nothing better than snacks on the boat!!!

Jules spent most of her time splashing and trying to drink lake water...YUCK!

Jillian helping B-Pa drive the boat

Jillian helping CC drive the boat

Jillian and Jules helping Daddy drive the boat

CC and her GrandPug Tyson!

We stopped off at a park off the lake and had a picnic. Jillian and Jules LOVED this water fountain. They did a lot of good splashing!

CC and Baby Jules

Jules showing off the hat the B-Pa got her
We went to Aunt Lynn's house for Sunday lunch and the girls had a lot of fun running in the flowers, feeding the fish, feeding the horses, riding 4 wheelers, and much much more!!!!
Here is Jillian running through some wild flowers
Here is Jules in Jillian's t-shirt for some reason! She looks like a WalMart baby here! :)

Here is Jules drinking out of Aunt Lynn's fountain! The girl can't be stopped...she drinks everything! I am just praying for a good immune system here!

Here is Jillian on the way home from Aunt Lynn's!

Here is Jules on the way home! I know you guys have heard me talk about how my girls DO NOT sleep in the car! Well, this just shows you how worn out they were!!!

Jillian got to meet Nora for the first time at church. Jillian and Nora are A LOT alike from what Nora's mommy Dallas writes about her!

Here is Jillian and I at some professional fish weigh in thing. CC wanted to take a picture of us to prove we went a little white trash while in NWA!!!!

Daddy and Jules on the merry-go-round
The funniest part about this is that Seth got in trouble for almost sitting on the horse. He was gonna hop right up there with Jules! HA...I got a big kick out of that!
B-Pa and Jillian on the merry-go round

We will be back up later in the Summer for some more Summertime in Arkansas fun! We hope we can see our NWA blogging friends while we are there!!!

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SDG said...

Okay, my favorite picture is the Walmart baby pic! Too cute!!! It looks like y'all had so much fun, you are making me want to get out on the lake!

Rachel said...

Cute pictures!! Can't wait to see you this weekend!!!

Kelly said...

"Wal-Mart Baby!" No, she'd be w/o a shirt!

Mindy said...

Hooray for Arkansas. Although I am saddened that I didnt get to see you and you were in the same state as me! But it is good to see your kiddos on the boat and enjoying some nice Arkansas heat!