Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sisters and Slumber Parties

Lately my girls have gotten to be really good friends. Really, ever since Jules has started walking in the last 2 months, the girls just go off in Jillian's room and play, read, dress up, etc. It shocks me that they are already such good playmates, considering Jules really doesn't say too many words. But, they make it work and have a great time doing so. I think Jillian enjoys being the leader and bossing Jules around, and I think Jules really enjoys hanging out with Jillian and acting like a big girl without me there! This reminds me a lot of growing up with my sister Summer. She liked being the leader of me and I was always willing to be lead!!! Here are a couple pictures of my girls hanging together.

Jillian and Jules in Jilly's room.
Jules is holding her other best friend...her snack cup! It is rare that she isn't holding this thing! She doesn't always even eat out of it...she just wants it nearby!


A couple of weeks ago, Macy and Emerson came over to play with us. Jillian and Emerson still fight like sisters over many things! They have COMPLETELY opposite personalities and that will probably be what makes them BFFs in the years to come. Summer and I have a great time watching them interact these days though...they are too cute. And they always say goodbye with hugs and kisses.

Emmy (in Jillian's gardening gloves) and Jilly catching a quick episode of Dora. I love how they are sitting right next to each other in this big chair!

Emmy, Jillian, and Macy

Back on our anniversary a couple of weeks ago, Summer offered to have Jillian come and spend the night at their house. It is Jillian's first time to ever spend the night away at someone else's house when we weren't with her. She is so close to her cousins, that I really hoped things would go well and she wouldn't miss us. Well, I don't think she thought of us once! Summer says they had a great time eating pizza, making cookies, watching a movie and eating popcorn, and all 4 getting to sleep on a big pallet on the floor! I am sure Jillian was in heaven. Of course, she loves Emmy to death, but she also thinks that Ansley and Macy are THE I know she had the very best time. Poor Summer though...the girls went to bed at a decent time of 9:30, but the were up at 5:15 being loud and playing! YIKES!!! Emmy is going to spend the night with Jillian on Friday and I am hoping those 2 decide to sleep in. YEAH RIGHT! Here are some pictures from the first big slumber party!

Ansley, Jilly, Emmy, and Macy

Watching a movie in their PJ's

Being silly...and Ansley throwing up gang signs. I wonder who she learned that from...ahem...Layton!

Ready for bed...

Sleep tight...although I think Macy and Jilly have smiles on their faces. I think this may have been staged!

And finally, my parents offered to keep Jules on our anniversary too. I think Jules had a great time and was on her best behavior for Papaw and Mimi! That is great because we hope she is invited back! :) wink wink!!! We dropped her off at 5 pm. They fed her and played and she went down at 7 pm. She slept all night until 7 am!!! Then we all met up at church at 9! So, I have to say that I am proud of my little Jules being a good house guest!

Here is the only picture I got from my mom of their night because I am sure they were too busy chasing this mobile girl all over their big house! This picture is about right is Jules trying to go downstairs and Papaw having to play goalie!

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annalee said...

hooray for S.P.'s and the girls that love them so much!

Summer said...

Okay this post had lots of cute pictures. And, though I don't think it often, Jules really reminds me of your baby pictures if the second picture. So cute!

Mindy said...

yes TONs of cute pictures of your little misses. So good to know they are such best friends. And I love even more how Jilly and Emerson were literally sitting right on top of each other in that huge chair. And I agree with Summer, I was thinking that Jules looks so much like you or what I would imagine you to look like in your baby pictures. And Jillian looks just like Seth to me. Squinted eyes for pictures and everything! :)