Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Anniversary To US!!!!

Seth and I got married SIX years ago today! I can hardly believe that we have been married for 6 years and have 2 daughters. It seems like just yesterday we were living it up in Searcy, AR and being young and in love! Now, 6 years into it and we think we're doing pretty good at this whole marriage thing! Seth always said we only have to make it to 50 I guess only 44 years to go! I am REALLY excited about those next 44!!!!


Here are some big moments in our life...

Our first picture together
(May 2001)

One of my FAVORITE pictures
(Summer 2001)

The night we got engaged
(December 24, 2002)

Our rehearsal dinner

(June 6, 2003)

The Big Day
(June 7, 2003)

Adding Jillian Jane to our family

(June 22, 2006)

Adding Jules Avery to our family

(April 22, 2008)


(June 7, 2009)

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Summer said...

Happy Anniversary to a great couple. I love looking at your old pictures!!!
By the way, who took that last one? They are quite the photographer - wink wink!

Mindy said...

Happy Anniversary! I can not believe you have been married for 6 years. That is so crazy. I love you both and I am so happy for ya'll. You really do a have a beautiful family. :)

amy (metz) walker said...

Happy Anniversary...and I'm wishing ya'll a blessed 44 years to come!

annalee said...

you two are such a beautiful couple (throughout the years), and even more importantly you are such a great team in marriage and parenting! happy sixth!

Mittig family said...

Happy Anniversary! Y'all look so happy in all your pictures (and you're quite possibly the tannest couple that I know!)

Carolyn said...

So cute, I love seeing those old pictures every single time. It reminds me of college days and when we would talk on the phone, Arkansas to Miami and back...about just things changing. So many great milestones and I really look forward to being there for 44 more years of them with you guys!

I sound like I'm a child of yours...hahaha. You just know that I LOVE YOU!

aWare said...

Happy Anniversary! What a great post!