Friday, October 31, 2008

Wanna Hear A SCAAAAAAAAAAARY Story? is scary to me, anyways! My BARELY 6 month old baby is now pulling up into a stand in her crib!!!! This is about 1 1/2 months earlier than Jillian did this and I was actually shocked when I caught her doing it yesterday. So, she is officially at that annoying stage where she can't EVER just lay there...she is constantly pulling herself up and not being able to get back down!!! NICE!

Here is my proof...

Such a proud little baby!
What? Did I do something wrong???
Spotted Big Sis
Yeah for TWO big girls!

Baby Sis loves to be entertained by Jilly

Also...for the record, she is crawling. Not ALL OVER the house yet, but she can get where she wants to go. This baby is shooting for some world records on early moving!

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Halloween

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Jules at 6 Months Old

Baby Jules is officially one half of a year old! That means that as long as it has been since I gave birth to her, is as long as it is until we celebrate her first birthday! How can this be??? Jules is growing up in age but also in things that she can and wants to do! From five months to six months, Jules had taken some major strides into being a big girl...and leaving her little baby status behind!

I always thought that she would lay there and be content just laying around because that is what suits her personality. Well, I was wrong. And now I realize that she is doing everything she can to keep up with Jillian. Why lay around when you can move and play like your really fun Big Sis???? When she was about 5 months 1 week old, she first started sitting without any help. Now she refuses to lay down under any of those lay down toys we have already wrapped them up for the attic! And then, about 2 days after that, she popped up on all fours and started rocking back and fourth. The girl was trying to crawl...and not even 6 months yet! So, I know that before I post her 7 months old post, she will be crawling around and then I will have TWO mobile children! Lord...give me peace!!!!! I am just hoping that she chooses to follow Jillian around and I won't be constantly playing unwarranted hide-and-go seek games around my house. Also about 2 weeks ago, she started pulling up on everything...from me, to her crib bumpers, to Tyson...just about anything that will sit still long enough. So...all that to say...the girl is doing it early and I am proud of her...I just hope that I don't loose one of them any time soon!!!

I was also having a lot of trouble getting Jules to sleep through the night. She was waking up every morning at like 4...and that just isn't cool when you are 6 months old. But then I started thinking...she is doing things that a 6-7 month old baby would do...and so maybe she is hungry and needs to eat like a 6-7 month old. So, we started with food about a couple weeks ago, and it has made a huge difference. She is sleeping through the night from about 7:30 pm -7:00 am...and this is FABULOUS! (Knock on wood) I have said before how much Jules wants food...and now that she is getting it...she is so happy about it! She is very impatient between bites (like every baby is, I am sure)...and has now taken to growling at me to hurry it up! That is right...growling...just like Jillian!!!! I looked over at Seth last night and was in the world are both my "sweet" little girls growling at me???? I sure didn't think Jules would be a growler...but I guess that girl wants her food!

Jules' final big accomplishment of the month is that her very first tooth has popped out. It is on the bottom right and just the tip is showing for now...but I can feel it and I am sure it will be able to be photographed very soon! The girl has been a major drooler for a couple months now...but so was Jillian, and she didn't get her first tooth until 8 months old. So, I was pleasantly surprised to find that her little tooth has decided to make its appearance now!

So enough is what Jules has been up to this month in pictures...

Baby Jules at 6 months old

Baby Jillian at 6 months old (for comparison) You can really see that Jillian was a teeny little thing compared to her little sis!

First time hanging out in the high chair...such a big girl now!

First time taking a bath with big sis in the bath chair

This girl is LOVING baths with big sis! She LOVES this chair and I would totally recommend it to anyone who has a baby and toddler. This makes bath time SOOOOOO much easier!

Jules' first time to "walk" in the Susan G. Komen race for the cure (a whole post on this later). Actually, she was in the womb last year when I walked it, so does that count???

First taste at Baby Food. As I have predicted...she loves all the food...even peas. She has yet to dislike anything I have given her! A girl after my own heart!

LOVE this face

First time to munch on some celery

First time to suck on a pickle...loved it! She gets this from her mommy and daddy!

Her first TINY bite of ice cream...don't judge me all you by-the-rules mommies! :) This kid knows it when her big sis and cousins are getting ice cream and she isn't! She was begging for a bite!

First time doing her best Britney Spears impersonation. Another product of Big Sis/Cousin harassment!

And of course...she has been doing A LOT of sitting around and looking cute!

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Breast Cancer Walk 2008

Every year all the girls in our family (that are available) walk the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in honor and memory of my grandmother, Melita Jane Helton. (Jillian Jane is named after her.) My mom started up this tradition and I am so proud to be able to be a part of it with her. She has this huge box of pink EVERYTHING...boas, scarves, pom-poms...and we use all these decorations to trick out our strollers and bodies every year. My mom's ultimate goal is to be on the cover of the Susan G. Komen magazine (if there is such a thing) with ALL of us girls decked out in pink! This year was our third year to do the race...and I want my girls to participate EVERY year of their lives...if possible....or OBVIOUSLY until they find a cure! I was second-guessing this decision when I was waking both girls up at 5:45 am this past Saturday...but was really glad that I did once I got to the race. I must also throw in that my children were AMAZING. They both were so sweet and complaining, stayed in the stroller, and were just sweethearts the whole made the morning very fun!

Our Race History:

2006...Jillian (4 months old)
2007...Jillian (16 months old) and Jules (in the womb)
2008...Jillian (2 years) and Jules (almost 6 months)

The race is truly seems that there are just MILLIONS of people there all in support of someone they know who has or is battling the disease. It is so cool and humbling to see the survivors tent and see all of the people who have won there battle or are fighting it at this very moment.

The ORIGINAL Mimi. (Melita Jane Helton)

Aunt K, Me, Summer, and Mimi

Jillian at 6 am before we left. She is happy because donuts were promised!!!

Jules' exact thought at this moment is, "Mom, you have been begging me to sleep through the night for 6 months, and when I finally am trying to, you wake me up! What in the world are you thinking?????"

My Sweet girls ready to Race for the Cure!

Um...well, at least the girls look good. I didn't have time to do much with myself!

Sweet Jules...having a hard time figuring out WHAT we are doing!

Jillian saying CHEESE

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Friday, October 24, 2008

6th picture in 6th folder

I have been tagged to upload my 6th picture in my 6th folder...just to take a walk down memory lane. Well...this is one of my favorites. Jillian is about 12 days old...her very FIRST 4th of July parade in Coppell! I mean, look at those sweet lips! See my sweet little baby peacefully dreaming away...ahhhhhh the memories! (and a memory it is!) The time is FLYING by!

So, I tag anyone else that wants to do this...Summer, Summer M., Elizabeth, Lane, Rachel, Carolyn, Katie, Mindy, Dallas, Tesney, Kim, Lauren, Shelly, I leaving anyone out?

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pumpkin Patch 2008

So far as a mother, I have had VERY bad luck getting decent pictures at the pumpkin patch. During Jillian's first pumpkin patch experience in 2006, my camera was broken. Last year, Jillian was about 17 months old...and on the move. She would NOT look at me for a picture so most of them were of the back of her head. I even had Seth's help...and the two of us couldn't get one. See below the best of the worst...

Little girl on the move

The best picture of her a fire truck with MAJOR red glare

Well, this year was no exception! I have lots of pictures and they are all very you will see below. Anyway, I have been trying to meet up with an old college friend for a long time, and we decided to meet last week for a play date at the pumpkin patch. Summer (not my sister) has 2 kids, Will and Maggie who are the same age difference as my girls...but just about a year older than both. It was so much fun to catch up with Summer and meet her sweet kids. I am SURE she would not say the same about me. Jillian was her usual self...kind of stand-offish and NOT social with Will or Maggie AT ALL for like the first 2 hours we were together! They finally all became great friends when we let them run free at the Chick-Fil-A play area...and all was good! After we left them, Jillian kept saying "WillandMaggie" (one word) all day long! She is STILL talking about them. Every time we pass this little pumpkin patch down the road from us...Jillian starts shouting their names! So, I know she did LOVE the kids...she just has a weird way of showing it! Summer...I hope you still want to hang out with me again soon! :)

So, here is our day in pictures...

Me trying to get a cute one of the girls. This may appear that Jules' bow is weighing her head down, but really she is so interested in the grass, that she won't look at matter how ridiculously loud I am shouting weird noises.

This one is by far the best...and Jules isn't looking and Jillian isn't smiling. This is about 14 seconds before Jillian let go of Jules and she fell back and hit her head. Oops!

Here are the two in the wagon...ready to see some pumpkins!

Me and My girls

Another attempt just in hopes that everyone would smile!!! :)

Sweet Maggie & Will ("WillandMaggie") with Jillian. Watching Maggie and Will play together and see how much they love eachother makes me really excited about Jillian and Jules once they are a little older! They totally entertained eachother and I didn't see ANY fighting. (Summer...I am sure there is fighting, but don't burst my bubble!)

Jillian and Will...just warming up to eachother. Will was supersweet and trying to play with Jillian. She was totally playing hard-to-get which I will appreciate in about 13 years.

Jillian usually has her Daddy to take her down these things. I had to beg her to come down...but once she did...she wouldn't stop! She loved it!


Here is Jillian in the cute little train RIGHT before she freaked out and wouldn't ride. Sigh.

J was super pumped to see her girl Minnie Mouse. I told her to stand next to Minnie for a picture, and here is that shot!

Jillian on the little swings. You can see WillandMaggie right behind her

Jillian in the bounce house

Will and Jillian waiting for their pony ride
Ok, maybe the best story of the day for me (NOW that it is over) is that while we are waiting for the pony ride, Jillian is holding onto the medal gate to the fence that surrounds the horses. I keep telling her to let go, and so finally she kind of pushes the gate and it make this HUGE clank noise...and scares one of the horses that just happens to be RIGHT by the gate. The horse startles and throws this kid off, but luckily his mother was standing there to catch him. I was MORTIFIED! I wanted to run and get in my car and leave. But, luckily, Jillian isn't banned from any North Texas pumpkin patches as of today, and they did let her have a ride. I swear, this kid is going to push me to the limit!

Jillian sitting on the horse

Yeah...she loved it once it started. I am sure I looked like a Hot Mess running beside this horse with Jules in the Bjorn, holding my camera.

Jules, being my sweet girl...finally just conked out in the Bjorn! Summer was amazed that she just sat in that thing all day long!

Sweet Face we are leaving, we are all good friends! YEAH!

Will, Jillian, and Maggie riding the ferris wheel
Hopefully next year is my year for the REALLY cute fall shot of my kids. I have seen everyone else's on their blogs and I am jealous! time will come!
We had so much fun Summer...and want to do it again ANYTIME you are brave enough to hang out with us!
P.S. I realize that after re-reading this blog, I may be putting off the vibe that Jillian isn't sweet. She really is sweet, funny, and fun to be around. She is just at that age where she has a hard time with new people and this whole new atmosphere. So, don't get the wrong idea...please! I love Jillian and am very proud of my little girl. She is just 2...and that is that!

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