Saturday, October 20, 2007

Breast Cancer Walk...Team MIMI

Mimi, Me, Jillian, Macy, Aunt Carol
Summer, Emerson, and Kourtney

When I was in the 8th grade, my grandmother died from her second stint with breast cancer. The subject has always been really near and dear to my mom's several years ago she started taking part in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Dallas. Last year, when Jillian was only 4 months old, we decided to join in the tradition with her. My mom wants it to be something that all the girls (and there are a lot of us) do every year together. Of course, Jillian can officially say that she has done it every year of her life...if she chooses to keep it up after the first mandatory 18 years of it.

Today we went to the 2007 walk...and it was so much fun. It was complete chaos as we joined the other 20 something thousand people who also walked...but really fun anyways. It is almost like a fair with booths set up and tons of free coupons, hats, bandannas, etc. Every year our team gets bigger. This year it was my mom, me, Jillian, Kourtney (Aunt K), Summer, Macy, Emerson, and my best friend Carolyn (Aunt Carol). WE decked out the little girls in pink from head to toe with pink tutus, bows, and boas courtesy of Mimi. The rest of us decorated with Mimi's stash of pink boas and hats and sunglasses. We got there around 7 this morning...tailgated with some powdered donuts and fruit...and then hit up the freebies! WE got plenty of looks with our crowd of one stroller, one DOUBLE stroller, and 5 adults sporting all of that pink fuss!!!

Jillian, Macy, and Emerson enjoying some donuts and DVD on the way to the race

Mommy and Jillian

Mimi and her girls

The gang...sans Carolyn

My very tired girl...she was woken up at 5:30!!!

Mimi, J, and Mommy


Mindy said...

Aw we were doing the Exact same thing! As you can see, my blog is much the same as yours! haha! love you.

Aunt Carol said...

such a fun morning! fun meaning really early.