Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's A Boy...MAYBE!!!!

So, my sister heard about this new urine test that you can take at 10 weeks or after to find out the sex of your baby. The company called Intelligender claims that the test, if taken correctly...and after 10 weeks, is 90% accurate! So, I ordered one online and waited until 11 weeks to take it. And, well...it says that Seth and I are having a boy!!! Of course, Seth is ecstatic!!! He really wants a boy to balance out all of the emotional women in this house!

This is fun news considering that I have 2 sisters, my sister has 3 daughters, and I have 1 daughter. If you add that up, it is 7 girls to 0 boys! We are so girly too with our young girls...we love bows, dresses, matching dresses, tutus, pink, etc., etc. So, as I think of bringing a son into this world, I wonder what we will do with him? My mom even wonders if we can teach him to sit down to go potty??? I am sure he would get beaten up in middle school or something though...so that idea is out of the question! Everyone has already told me that boys are just so sweet and love their mamas! That would be nice, since Jillian is already a HUGE daddy's girl. I know once that boy is here, that we will just fall all over him. I still wonder though...how do you dress a boy cute??? It seems there are so many more options for girls than for boys...and dressing my child is one of my most favorite hobbies! I do take comfort in my good friend Tika. She has 3 boys...and they are boy's boys...always dressed cute and boyish in camo and other fun things...so I know it can be done! Still, going from a girly girl to a boy will be a transition...but we will have fun doing it.

Just as my disclaimer...I did ask my ob about this test the other day, and he pretty much laughed at me. He thinks that this is sort of a hoax and can't be all that accurate...especially considering I only paid $38 for it. He thinks it is more of a 50-50 chance to be right than 90-10, if you can read between those lines. Still, I will be thinking boy until December when I find out for sure!

Here are some pictures of the test. You can see that the specimen turned the smoky green that indicates boy!


Carol said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! I am crossing my fingers, braiding my hair and twisting any leftover body part for good luck...i really want a boy!
How fun is that!?! Picking out the name will be the most fun...

Elizabeth Byerly said...

It will be fun to see if the test was accurate! I agree- it is way harder to dress boys cute! I still want little boys in all the pastels and smocked stuff, but it doesn't seem like there is much of it!

Mittig family said...

Boys are so fun! I was surprised when they told me my oldest was a boy and a little sad about not being able to dress him cute-but we managed to find lots of cute shortalls and smocked stuff, much to my husband's dismay! I will say it's SO much easier to find girl stuff now that I got my little princess though! They are 21 months apart, to answer your question from my blog. Looking forward to seeing if the test is accurate!

Anonymous said...

hey..thanks for the props! i will tell you that, while boys are probably not as fun to dress, they are easier! no matter what though, a Patterson boy will be stylish...have you forgotten who you're married to! :)


Mindy said...

yes!!! holy cow, I am soo excited. Elem needs a little boy cousin to come and visit in ole Texas. Okay and yes you can sooo dress them cute. ALthough when you walk into a store there are always about 98 racks of adorable girl clothes and 2 of decent boy clothes. haha. Man I hope you have a boy. I am keeping my fingers crossed for ya too! Yay B!

Kimberly said...

Wow that is awesome~! I've never heard of that but will totally be buying it for our friends if it turns out as true as it sounds!!
BTw- in your post above about Jillian sneaking out-wow! I'm impressed with
1. her toughness of jumping out of a crib-climbing and landing both
2. her darker hair when she was little now so blonde
Such a cutie and gives you great stories to blog about!