Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I's official...she jumped!

Last Thursday, October 11th, Jillian finally did it. She climbed/jumped out of her crib! I was in the living room there was no noise in the house. I heard her back there stirring, but she had only been asleep for an hour...and well, that just isn't going to cut it if she is only taking one nap a day! So, I let her play. Well, all of a sudden, I heard this thud, and a small cry out...but that was it. I knew instantly what had happened. I ran to my room to get my video monitor, and sure enough, she was no longer in the bed. I couldn't help but laugh and go back there to see what she thought of her big accomplishment. When I opened the door, she was almost running around like she didn't know what to do with herself. She was laughing and I could tell she was really proud!

It has almost been a week now, and that is the only escape so far. It does, however, make me feel better about having to move her to a big girl bed at such a young age. Maybe by February or so, she will be so over her crib!

Here are a few pictures of some sweet times when my precious baby would just sleep...and that is it!

A few hours old

1 day old

4 days old

1 week old

2 weeks old

1 month old

2 months old

4 months old

6 months old


Carolyn said...

that is one pretty monkey-baby. I remember seeing her at the hospital, she has always resebled you and i love that about her! well, she got daddy's eyelashes...lucky brat!

I cannot wait to spend Saturday morning with you all! Love you so much!

Mittig family said...

What precious pictures! It's hard to beat a sleeping baby pic. That's crazy that she's already climbing out of her crib. We had to move Will into his "big boy bed" pretty early too. I think he was 17 months or so. I had to get that nursery painted pink! I'm loving reading your blog-so glad I found it. Yes, we'll have to try to get together soon. We're at 360 and Green Oaks, just north of Six Flags. We're actually going to HU homecoming this year-are y'all?

Mindy said...

okay I do have an issue with the 2 month pic. B, that baby needed food. :) You know I am just playing, but maybe I could send some of my like SUPER breast milk your way. Just in case you need it. As you can tell Elem could miss a few feedings or 2 and I think he would be okay. :)