Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Jillian's First Trip to the Zoo

This past weekend we decided that since the weather was FINALLY not in the 90's, that we would take a family trip somewhere outside. We decided to go to the Dallas Zoo. It really felt so good that morning...somewhere in the 70's! That is good for Dallas during our really hot "fall"! So, we packed up and headed to the zoo.

Jillian absolutely loves animals right now...as I am sure most kids her age do...so we knew that she would have a great time! Here she is looking at some penguins swimming. She made her noise for birdie when she saw them...we thought that was close enough! To Jillian, all animals either bark like a dog, moo like a cow, make a birdie sound, or the ooh ooh aah aah of the monkey. That covers all animal sounds to her!

On of her favorite animals right now is the monkey...she loves to make the ooh ooh, aah aah sound. So, here she is checking out the gorillas! This HUGE gorilla was so cute and saw us standing there staring at him. So he casually walked over to the glass and laid back so that we could get a nice posed picture of him!

Here she is looking at some flamingos. These also make a birdie sound if you ask Jillian.

Here she is looking at some turtles swimming by

Here is Jillian enjoying her midday snack...DON'T FEED THE ANIMALS!!!!

Jillian and Daddy hanging out at the zoo

I had to post this picture since it is such a rarity! Anyone who knows Jillian KNOWS that this child DOES NOT sleep anywhere but in bed...not in strollers...not in car seats...NEVER on her momma! But, she did fall asleep at the zoo! I guess all that animal watching is a lot for a little girl to handle!

Here are a couple pictures of Jillian running through the stream at the Children's Zoo. She had a great time splashing and getting soaking wet!!!!

Petting a bunny

Watching the fishies swim

Riding a fake pony

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Elizabeth Byerly said...

I'm glad that Jillian had fun at the zoo! Looks like a good zoo too! We're getting ready to go to the San Deigo one- I'm hoping we'll get to see lots more animals than what Nashville has!I can't believe that she fell asleep in the stroller! That never happens around here!

To answer your question about #2(baby that is!)-I have 8 weeks left!I need to do a ticker!