Sunday, October 19, 2008

Birthday Party Pictures

I got a lot of cute pictures from Emerson's birthday here they are in complete random order because I don't feel like fighting blogger on this one!

The Birthday Girl

Macy ADORES Baby Jules!!!! She is always having to touch, kiss, and love on this baby. She told me that she wants to babysit her. I asked her how much she would charge me, and she said "two monies"!

Sweet Cousins

Jillian helping Emmy open her gifts

The Sweet Baby trying to crawl again! CRAP!

Mimi and Baby Jules. Please notice the fabulous hot pink Roper boots. Seth's Uncle Alan bought them for Jules and she looked so country chic in them at the party! Thanks Great Uncle Alan!!!

The Dale Three

Jillian before the party ruined her new fall clothes

Aunt K feeding Baby Jules.

Papaw and Mimi with Baby Jules

Jillian and the new shirt that will never be the same. Thank the Lord for OxyClean!

Jillian and Emerson having a throwback to one of their favorite past times...crawling.

Jillian looks sassy in this picture and I love it. These two must have been getting into trouble no doubt!

Jillian having some fun

Sweet Jules posing in her new jeans and boots

The best sister shot I could get

Daddy and Baby Jules

The two trouble-makers sneaking cupcakes in the play house

Aunt K, Papaw, and Jules

Mimi and Jules

Aunt K and Jules...using her bow as some sort of eyeshield

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Carolyn said...

Jillian looks so sassy in those pics, I love it too!!! And K's hair looks awesome, I really want her to cut mine next time!!!

Tara Caire said...

Love that pic of Macey and Jules talking.. so sweet!

Mittig family said...

Jillian's "sassy" pic is hilarious! I love their adorable bows!

Lane said...

Love the Jillian post...she's growing up too fast! She is just the cutest thing ever! :)