Friday, October 24, 2008

6th picture in 6th folder

I have been tagged to upload my 6th picture in my 6th folder...just to take a walk down memory lane. Well...this is one of my favorites. Jillian is about 12 days old...her very FIRST 4th of July parade in Coppell! I mean, look at those sweet lips! See my sweet little baby peacefully dreaming away...ahhhhhh the memories! (and a memory it is!) The time is FLYING by!

So, I tag anyone else that wants to do this...Summer, Summer M., Elizabeth, Lane, Rachel, Carolyn, Katie, Mindy, Dallas, Tesney, Kim, Lauren, Shelly, I leaving anyone out?

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annalee said...

sweet cheeks!
i couldn't leave a comment on your race for the cure post for some reason. but i wanted to tell you how wonderful i think that is! what a way to honor your grandma. y'all look great in pink:)

Rachel said...

I love that picture...someone fab bought yall that outfit =)!! What a fun tag - I am going to do it too!!