Thursday, October 16, 2008

All Things Jillian

I am always posting about Jules and what she is doing at her age, but I rarely do that with Jillian since she is a big 2-year-old now. So, I wanted to write down some of the funny (and not-so-funny) things that she says and does every day.

Now, first of all...I OBVIOUSLY love Jillian like crazy...but we are in a really hard phase right now. And when I say we, I mean her. So here are Jillian's not-so-great qualities. Jillian gives the "terrible twos" a whole new meaning! She is just very strong-willed and wants her way all the time. I know that anyone reading this will say that all 2-year-olds are that way. But, I promise that Jillian is very intense. I have validation from my mom and Summer that Jillian really is "intense"! Her favorite word seems to be "mine" and she does not like to share toys with ANYONE...except Baby Jules...which actually works out nicely when we are at home. She throws these crazy tantrums at ALL of our play groups and is constantly making me get on to her, which leads me into a lot of sweating, crying (both of us), cussing, and A LOT of drinking at the end of the day (or lunch...whatever)!!!! Probably my least favorite thing about my girl is that she has this bark/growl thing that she does...and I HATE it. My sisters, Mom, and CC know what I am talking about! She especially does it to Tyson...but any time that something or someone upsets her, she growls at them. It is terribly tacky and I am constantly getting onto her for that one! My sweet angle growls...nice.

But then as soon as I think I have had enough of her, she will do something funny or be really sweet and I decide to keep her! :)

Jillian has WAY more good qualities to her though and these make me happy to be a mom and so happy to have her with me everyday. First of all...she narrates everything. She is always telling me what all of us do all day long. For example, " Mama, baby sleeping", "Mama, Daddy go to work", "Mama brush her teeth", "Baby Jules eat her bottle", "Mama go potty". It really is only a matter of time before she sells me out and tells something embarrassing in public...can hardly wait for that!

Another great thing about Jillian is that she has recently developed a LOVE for singing! I have been singing to her since she was a baby and I have always wondered when she would ever sing along. Well, it is like she has just been listening and memorizing these songs, and in the last two weeks she knows ALL of them...every word. It is just precious and every single time she sings "Jesus Loves ME", I tear up. So sweet!

Some Jillian quotes and vocabulary:

"Mama, I want piggy tails ride" (I want a piggy-back ride)
"I don't yike it" (I don't like it) She says this to about everything...her dinner, my outfit selection for her, etc.

* "nade" = Lemonade
* "wash" = water
* "muppins" = muffins
* "pizza" = this includes everything from grilled cheese, quesadilla, actual pizza...basically anything with cheese, we like to call pizza...and that makes Jillian give it a chance
* "binkie" = her lovie. I have always called it a lovie, but she has just started calling it her binkie
* "wee-wee" = her paci (don't know how she came up with this one, but you can imagine all of the jokes that come out when we talk about the "wee-wee's" in our house!)

Here is a bunch of randomness in pictures...

I love this picture...pure happiness on her face!

And then, the next minute, I turn around and find this! HUGE tantrum!!! Who knew that 2 year olds could have such split personalities!

This is what I find after a lot of naps....messy room. Jillian loves her books...she is usually sleeping with at least 15-20 at all times. And here are the rest of them! She likes to pull them all out of her bookcase...and yet NEVER puts them back in!

Jillian had purple day at school a couple of weeks ago...and she wore her Daisy Duck dress. Jillian's Great Aunt Lynn knows how much Jillian LOVES Mickey Mouse and so she bought her this dress and sent it down! It turned out really cute and Jillian loved getting to wear it to school. This is about the best picture that I happened to get of her though!

This girl has such a sweet tooth! She could survive on fruit and sugar if I let her! I really have to watch her on the weekends because Daddy likes to give into all those sugar cravings for her!

I LOVE this picture! I have not gotten a good face shot of Jillian in YEARS it seems...but too bad she has birthday cake all over it in this one! Still, it shows her pretty eyes and great smile!

Another big smile...when this girl is happy...she is REALLY happy!

This is Jilly this morning eating "muppins" on the counter. She thinks that since Baby Jules gets to sit in the bumbo on the counter, then she should get to eat her breakfast up there too. Great.

Her serious look

A face only a mother could love. This is what Jillian ACTUALLY looked like at Cousin Emerson's birthday party! What in the is this my little girl? I really can't stand dirty kids, and my kid was the dirtiest at the whole party! She was worse than all the boys!!! I spend way more time dressing up my kids and making them cute than I do on myself...and this is the thanks I get!!! :) Kidding...sort of.

Jillian LOVES her daddy. They have always had a special connection since she was tiny...and now they are the best of friends. He spoils her and she adores him! Here are the two playing around together.

Jillian ALWAYS is wearing my shoes. She can walk great already in like 4 inch heels...way better than I can, I am sure. Her calf muscles are going to be amazing by the time she becomes a teenager if she keeps this up! She picks out a new pair everyday and walks in them. These just happened to be Aunt Sour's shoes...but any high heel will do for this kid!

BEST FRIENDS. Look at these girls...aren't they the cutest! Jillian and Cousin Emerson have really gotten to be great buddies lately! I am having a great time watching them grow up together!!!!

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Mittig family said...

I loved reading all about Jillian. She seems like such a fun little girl! Let me know if y'all want to try to do the PP next week sometime so we can get our sweet kiddos together!

Rachel said...

Those are my absolute favorite pictures EVER of Jillian!! I am glad to hear all about her!

Now - this is so funny because I totally feel your pain!! Have some hope - Claire used to growl ALL the time!! I was always so embarrased! She even growled at this nice elderly lady in Hobby Lobby because she said she liked her bows!! I wanted to crawl in a hole!! I thought I was never going to be able to get Claire over it, but here we are today and she does not growl!! Now, I am too embarrased to tell you some of the things she has said recently, but I am giving you hope right now! Loved the post - aren't little girls fun??!!

Dallas said...

such a sweet girl! I love in the purple dress that her little legs still look like a babies...she's not all grown up yet. those are my favorites of Nora too. boy, if we got those girls together...we would both need several good drinks at the end of the long hard day!

Elizabeth said...

Yeah, 2 is a hard age! It does get better!!! At least she's super cute- what would you do if she wasn't? Teasing... And, look at those lashes in the close up picture.Not fair... In fact, the older I get, the more 'non-existant' my lashes seem to get!

Your comment was hilarious! I am not selling drugs- I'm selling my body! It pays the bills!! kidding of course, no one would take me these days!No really, my mom smocks and we buy hand-me-downs from a lady that buys great stuff!!

Mindy said...

best post ever! Every kid has their great moments and bad obviously. I am going through the same thing as you! Although my son does not have a growl yet. I need you to catch that on video for me. I am laughing out loud thinking about it! haha! She is so pretty, just like her mommy. :)

annalee said...

wow, she packs a punch:) i loved reading all the ups and downs of cutie pie jillian. thanks for sharing.

Brooke said...

just clicked over from summer's blog... all those blonde beautiful girls! your family is precious!

Kimberly said...

Jillian's personality is the best!
I can soo relate to the tantrums...esp in public! When you find out a solution PLEASE let me know so I can try it on Adalie! Right now I think we give people some entertainment as the HUGE preggo mom tries to chase after her terrible two year old terror.
And yes, I agree w/ Mindy-we need some video of Jillian!

Tara Caire said...

she is a doll! Wait till she starts talking more : ) haha.. I cant wait to see you guys next weekend!!!

annalee said...

i would LOVE to read you guys' story! please write it down!

Katie said...

I love that your precious, beautiful little girl...growls!! That is hilarious! You will one day (once she stops!) think it's hilarious too!

Carolyn said...

I love this post, the close up of her with the cake on her face is GORGEOUS B!!! She looks just like her mamma!!!