Sunday, October 26, 2008

Breast Cancer Walk 2008

Every year all the girls in our family (that are available) walk the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in honor and memory of my grandmother, Melita Jane Helton. (Jillian Jane is named after her.) My mom started up this tradition and I am so proud to be able to be a part of it with her. She has this huge box of pink EVERYTHING...boas, scarves, pom-poms...and we use all these decorations to trick out our strollers and bodies every year. My mom's ultimate goal is to be on the cover of the Susan G. Komen magazine (if there is such a thing) with ALL of us girls decked out in pink! This year was our third year to do the race...and I want my girls to participate EVERY year of their lives...if possible....or OBVIOUSLY until they find a cure! I was second-guessing this decision when I was waking both girls up at 5:45 am this past Saturday...but was really glad that I did once I got to the race. I must also throw in that my children were AMAZING. They both were so sweet and complaining, stayed in the stroller, and were just sweethearts the whole made the morning very fun!

Our Race History:

2006...Jillian (4 months old)
2007...Jillian (16 months old) and Jules (in the womb)
2008...Jillian (2 years) and Jules (almost 6 months)

The race is truly seems that there are just MILLIONS of people there all in support of someone they know who has or is battling the disease. It is so cool and humbling to see the survivors tent and see all of the people who have won there battle or are fighting it at this very moment.

The ORIGINAL Mimi. (Melita Jane Helton)

Aunt K, Me, Summer, and Mimi

Jillian at 6 am before we left. She is happy because donuts were promised!!!

Jules' exact thought at this moment is, "Mom, you have been begging me to sleep through the night for 6 months, and when I finally am trying to, you wake me up! What in the world are you thinking?????"

My Sweet girls ready to Race for the Cure!

Um...well, at least the girls look good. I didn't have time to do much with myself!

Sweet Jules...having a hard time figuring out WHAT we are doing!

Jillian saying CHEESE

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Rachel said...

Such an awesome tradition!! Your Mimi is definitely smiling down on all her pretty girls =)!