Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pumpkin Patch 2008

So far as a mother, I have had VERY bad luck getting decent pictures at the pumpkin patch. During Jillian's first pumpkin patch experience in 2006, my camera was broken. Last year, Jillian was about 17 months old...and on the move. She would NOT look at me for a picture so most of them were of the back of her head. I even had Seth's help...and the two of us couldn't get one. See below the best of the worst...

Little girl on the move

The best picture of her a fire truck with MAJOR red glare

Well, this year was no exception! I have lots of pictures and they are all very you will see below. Anyway, I have been trying to meet up with an old college friend for a long time, and we decided to meet last week for a play date at the pumpkin patch. Summer (not my sister) has 2 kids, Will and Maggie who are the same age difference as my girls...but just about a year older than both. It was so much fun to catch up with Summer and meet her sweet kids. I am SURE she would not say the same about me. Jillian was her usual self...kind of stand-offish and NOT social with Will or Maggie AT ALL for like the first 2 hours we were together! They finally all became great friends when we let them run free at the Chick-Fil-A play area...and all was good! After we left them, Jillian kept saying "WillandMaggie" (one word) all day long! She is STILL talking about them. Every time we pass this little pumpkin patch down the road from us...Jillian starts shouting their names! So, I know she did LOVE the kids...she just has a weird way of showing it! Summer...I hope you still want to hang out with me again soon! :)

So, here is our day in pictures...

Me trying to get a cute one of the girls. This may appear that Jules' bow is weighing her head down, but really she is so interested in the grass, that she won't look at matter how ridiculously loud I am shouting weird noises.

This one is by far the best...and Jules isn't looking and Jillian isn't smiling. This is about 14 seconds before Jillian let go of Jules and she fell back and hit her head. Oops!

Here are the two in the wagon...ready to see some pumpkins!

Me and My girls

Another attempt just in hopes that everyone would smile!!! :)

Sweet Maggie & Will ("WillandMaggie") with Jillian. Watching Maggie and Will play together and see how much they love eachother makes me really excited about Jillian and Jules once they are a little older! They totally entertained eachother and I didn't see ANY fighting. (Summer...I am sure there is fighting, but don't burst my bubble!)

Jillian and Will...just warming up to eachother. Will was supersweet and trying to play with Jillian. She was totally playing hard-to-get which I will appreciate in about 13 years.

Jillian usually has her Daddy to take her down these things. I had to beg her to come down...but once she did...she wouldn't stop! She loved it!


Here is Jillian in the cute little train RIGHT before she freaked out and wouldn't ride. Sigh.

J was super pumped to see her girl Minnie Mouse. I told her to stand next to Minnie for a picture, and here is that shot!

Jillian on the little swings. You can see WillandMaggie right behind her

Jillian in the bounce house

Will and Jillian waiting for their pony ride
Ok, maybe the best story of the day for me (NOW that it is over) is that while we are waiting for the pony ride, Jillian is holding onto the medal gate to the fence that surrounds the horses. I keep telling her to let go, and so finally she kind of pushes the gate and it make this HUGE clank noise...and scares one of the horses that just happens to be RIGHT by the gate. The horse startles and throws this kid off, but luckily his mother was standing there to catch him. I was MORTIFIED! I wanted to run and get in my car and leave. But, luckily, Jillian isn't banned from any North Texas pumpkin patches as of today, and they did let her have a ride. I swear, this kid is going to push me to the limit!

Jillian sitting on the horse

Yeah...she loved it once it started. I am sure I looked like a Hot Mess running beside this horse with Jules in the Bjorn, holding my camera.

Jules, being my sweet girl...finally just conked out in the Bjorn! Summer was amazed that she just sat in that thing all day long!

Sweet Face we are leaving, we are all good friends! YEAH!

Will, Jillian, and Maggie riding the ferris wheel
Hopefully next year is my year for the REALLY cute fall shot of my kids. I have seen everyone else's on their blogs and I am jealous! time will come!
We had so much fun Summer...and want to do it again ANYTIME you are brave enough to hang out with us!
P.S. I realize that after re-reading this blog, I may be putting off the vibe that Jillian isn't sweet. She really is sweet, funny, and fun to be around. She is just at that age where she has a hard time with new people and this whole new atmosphere. So, don't get the wrong idea...please! I love Jillian and am very proud of my little girl. She is just 2...and that is that!

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Mittig family said...

Hey! Your post is so funny-Jillian is such a sweetie and of course we'd love to hang out again soon! Did you get the picture I sent you of you running beside the horse with your camera?

We had so much fun with y'all and hope to see you again soon!

Kelly said...

"Hot mess." I say that all the time. Love your pix!

Lane said...

I think they turned out so cute! Sometimes candid shots are the best! The girls look adorable in their little outfits!

What a cool pumpkin patch! I wish they had ones like that here!

Oh, and since Jillian is going through terrible twos, maybe she will be awesome at three. I say that because Sterling skipped was an angel at two and is turning into a little devil now that he's three! So wait it out just a little longer! (at least that's what I'm told! :))

Carolyn said...

I love these pictures! The wagon one is my favorite of the two and the one of Jules asleep with you is PRESH! You look awesome, SOOOOOOOO glad my BFF is hot!!!

Rachel said...

That is an awesome picture of you and the girls - YOU NEED TO PUT UP MORE PICTURES OF YOU WITH THEM!! There I am done griping at you =)..

Love the pictures!! Jillian is hilarious...I don't have any advice because Owen terrorizes EVERYONE!! Jules is ADOR in that bow!!! Love it!!