Friday, October 10, 2008

Baby Nurseries

I know I have posted pictures of Jules' nursery on here if you have been my blogging friend for a while, you should just skip over this post. The reason that I am posting nursery pictures today is because one of the blogs I read, Kelly's Korner, is asking everyone to share their baby nurseries. I LOVE seeing people's ideas and what all they do for their rooms, and so I wanted to be a part of this with Kelly and friends. I don't know Kelly, but have been following her blog for a while. She is pregnant with her first little girl and is wanting to see everyone's different ideas. I have REALLY loved decorating both of my girl's rooms and love how they have turned out. I almost want to have a 3rd kid just because I would love to decorate another nursery! Those rooms seem so much more fun to decorate than any other room in the house, I think! I really love the process. are both of my girls nurseries in pictures...

Jillian's Nursery

This is the first wall on the left when you walk into her room

The crib with the bedding that my mom made. I can brag about how fabulous this bedding is because I didn't do it!!! Mimi made it and I am so glad that both of my girls have gotten to use it. It is very special and I will keep for my granddaughters one day!

The sign over Jillian's crib

A different can see my video monitor on the right. I love this is truly the BEST item of baby gear that we bought!

Not sure why these pictures are so dark...but her room has changed and I can't go back and take more pictures. The window with my favorite chair and the armoire of my moms.

Different view...this armoire is so sweet and girly. I hope my mom doesn't ever want it back! :) It is special because it was also in Summer's older two girl's nurseries!

Above the curtains

The changing table. We got rid of the diaper genie immediately after Jillian had her first dirty diaper. Those things SUCK!

The little red shoes that are framed on the lower shelf were Seth's baby shoes! Aren't they precious!

This little shelf is right above her door

I love this cross by her light switch. It has the verse, "For this child, I have prayed."

I used the same bedding from Jillian's nursery in Jules', but I wanted Jules' room to have a completely different look to it. When I had Jillian, I really wanted a red nursery and not pink like all little girl's nurseries. (I am rebellious like that!) The bedding had pink in it, but I used only red for all of my decorations. This made it REALLY hard to find big girl bedding for her because you just can't find ANYTHING that doesn't have pink in it for little girls. That is why I decided to pull the pink out of the bumpers for Jules' room.

Jules' Room

The chair and window

View of the whole wall

Her girly lamp

The curtains...I love this color green. Green is my absolute favorite color...almost my whole house has green in it.

The armoire and really cool tassel that my mom made from all the scraps of the bedding

The wall with the crib

The crib...see my little Jules inside?

Jules' sign above her bed

This is the dress that she wore home from the hospital

The changing table and closet

The little chandelier over her changing table

The sign over her closet

The other wall by the door

I really love baby rooms and can't wait to check out everyone else's over on Kelly's blog!!! Show off your baby rooms too...I know lots of my friends have had really great nurseries...that means you...Summer, Rachel, Elizabeth, Mindy, Lane, Summer M...Let's see them!

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Mandi said...

That bedding IS fabulous!!! Your mom is very talented.
I love the colors you used in your nursery.

Mittig family said...

I love seeing both the girls nurseries-you did such a great job decorating!

We're heading to the pumpkin patch again today-we don't have any plans for next Friday if y'all are interested!

Anonymous said...

The nursery is gorgeous!

Kelly said...

I LOVE your girls' rooms!!! I LOVE that bedding and the colors - so different. If I hadn't already gone full on pink - I would be SO tempted to copy you!
thanks for sharing!

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

Cute! I love the name Jillian.

Thanks for sharing!

Carolyn said...

Yeah you are pretty much the most creative person I know...and I am hiring you to do my babies rooms you know it!! I have always loved going in the girl's rooms, they are so bright but girly and soft at the same time. :)

It's me Suzette! said...

Ohhhh I love the nurseries! Definitely my favorite I have seen!

Tara Caire said...

gorgeous! love the colors! and i LOVE those painted pictures!

Mindy said...

Wow and I thought my nursery rocked for being creative! Looking back on yours I dont think I even want to show mine. Geez! But maybe I will, we will see.

His Doorkeeper said...

Love the green-striped room! Your Mom is really talented! I wish I could make Kelly's bedding but sorry, no sewing talent here!

Beautiful rooms...great job!

Two precious girls too!


Angie (Angelica Grace Designs) said...

Sooooo Adorable. Love it! Great way to step out of the box and do your own thing rather than go the typical pink color combo. Thanks for sharing!
Blessings, Angie Seaman

Katie said...

You know that I ADORE the bedding!! Both nurseries are perfect and I may be copying again one day if I have a girl!!!

Megan said...

I love those polka dot walls! Those nurseries are adorable and so are your girls.

Soldier in Training said...

I found your link on Kelly's blog, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your nurseries!

Lil Miss K's Mommy said...

I am IN LOVE with your nursery's!!!! What an awesome job! I love the colors. Very unique. Red and greens are my house colors but I would never have thought to use it in my nursery. GREAT idea!

a boy, a girl and a pug said...

I am loving your nurseries. Adorable!

Danielle said...

Those rooms are too stinking cute. You are very creative. Thanks for sharing.

The Williams' said...

FABULOUS NURSERIES!!! You did a great job!

Phillips Phamily Mama said...

I've never seen a nursery in those colors and I LOVE IT! The polka dots and silk draperies were my favorites. I bet you had fun designing and picking it all out.

Sandi said...

Your nurseries are SO cute, Brittney!! You've done such a great job -- I think you should totally have another kid so you can do it again. :)

The Allens said...

I am curious to know what was wrong with the diaper genie. We registered for one. Should we remove it?

Stacy Brown said...

You have such style! I can't decide which is more fun...strips or dots!