Monday, October 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Aunt Sour

Yesterday was Summer's birthday...she is old, but I will let her tell you just how old...KIDDING!!!! So, in order to celebrate her birthday, I thought I would include a couple pictures of us as kids. I know everyone enjoys a good throwback!!!!
So...HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUMMER!!!! I hope 31 is as fun as 28 is turning out to be for me!!! :)
BTW...when Jillian first started calling Summer by name, it sounded like a pig. I am sure that if Summer wasn't totally skinny, she might have been offended by the Sow comment!! Then Sow turned into Sour...and that is where we are today...Aunt Sour.

Halloween 1982...this picture is so telling of us later in life, right? Summer...the angel and Brittney...the little devil! Summer NEVER got into any trouble and I was always getting caught doing things!!! I was just a little more rebellious!

This is what we looked like EVERY Saturday night. Our Strawberry Shortcake pajamas and sponge rollers in our hair!
I think I must have won the spirit stick at Cheerleader Camp. Kourtney is about as big as Summer in this picture!
Christmas 1997...I was a senior, so Summer was a junior at Harding...K was in 6th grade. We have a lot of hair between us...and Seth LOVES to make fun of the fact that we all wore Coffee Bean lipstick back then! Isn't it pretty????
This is my favorite picture of us ever! I don't remember when it was from, but it was after Summer and Layton were together because we were modeling 2 of his VERY broken in hats.
Here we are in Florida a few years ago.
Summer...I am very lucky to have you for a best friend and I hope your birthday was fabulous!!!
Ok, I have been such a bad blogger lately...but I was still sick all last week. It has now gone on for two whole weeks and I am PRAYING to be totally back to normal very soon! It is hard taking care of two kids when you feel like crap! So, all that to say...I will be back to posting this week...if anyone still reads my blog!

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marcy said...

All those pictures mean so much to me! I know it will make me sound really old, but they don't really seem that long ago. I love and miss those days!
I love you -
Mommie Dearest
PS Is it just me or does the first picture (Halloween) of B as a devil look EXACTLY like Jillian?
PSS I am sorry I dressed you like a devil. Don't know what I was thinking but I would never do that now.

Tara Caire said...

LOVIN the old school pics! and I agree with the post above! The pic of you as a devil looks EXACTLY like jillian!!! so cute

Marty Rhea Hill said...

You and Jillian could be twins. Love the pics.

Carolyn said...

"Summer NEVER got into any trouble and I was always getting caught doing things!!! I was just a little more rebellious!"....either that or you had a best friend who convinced you to do bad things and then you got caught....either one.
And Coffee Bean lipstick was our lifelines back then. So bad.

Summer said...

You just made my birthday! Honestly! That was such a sweet post, and it means a lot. I now feel horrible since I didn't give you a big fancy shoutout on my blog on your birthday. Oh well, you are the second child- I am sure you are used to getting looked over! :) ha ha
Really, B, thanks for posting those pictures and the nice things you said!!!

Kelli said...

I don't know either of you but I can't believe how much the first picture resembles Summer's oldest and Jillian.

What a sweet sister you are, I can tell how much you care for your family.

Sandi said...

Sweet pictures, Brittney. The first one reminds me of Susan and Darrin's wedding (not the fact that you're in a devil costume but the age)-- I remember you trying to eat the rose petals that Summer and I threw on the ground. At least, that's my memory!

You guys are beautiful sisters!

Lane said...

Wow Jillian looks exactly like you! I never saw it before, but now that I've seen your kid picture, I believe it!
Too cute!! :)

Rachel said...

Okay - I know everyone has said it, but OMG Jillian looks just like you!! Too cute!!

Coffee Bean lipstick was the BEST!!

SDG said...

So, my comment is not very original, but my first thought when I looked at the Halloween pic was, Holy cow, that is Ansley and Jillian! And... I have to add that Summer did get into trouble, at least once that I recall! :)

Summer said...

Okay, Shelley, no fair trying to air my dirty laundry on the blog! That was many moons ago!!! :)

Brittney said...

HA HA HA...Shelly...I know what you are talking about...but Summer has WAY too many stories on lets keep it all nice and clean on here!

Ok, I didn't realize that I looked like Jillian, but I guess it is totally true. I didn't even see it when I posted, but she sure does look like her momma!!! Poor thing!