Monday, September 29, 2008

Jules is 5 Months Old

My Baby is already 5 months old...and although I am sad because the time is just FLYING by...I am really so thrilled because I LOVE this age! Jules is just so much fun right now. She is learning new things everyday and just seems so happy to be alive!

Some things that Jules likes to do:
- Jules is starting to sit up on her own for short periods of time...especially when we put the boppy behind her.
- Jules LOVES her toys...her favorite is this huge crinkly dragonfly that was also Jillian's favorite as a baby. I have GOT to get a picture of this thing. Jules looks at it and talks to it like it is her best friend.
- Jules LOVES food and wants the real stuff! We gave her rice cereal for the first time and this girl LOVED it! We always laugh because Jules HATES it when we are all is like she really knows that she is missing out because she is reaching for our food and crying for everything. Jillian was on all table food by 9 months and I have a feeling that Baby Jules might even beat her! She is so ready to move on to bigger and better...and who can blame her?
- Now it would be dumb of me to say that she is starting to crawl, because I know she isn't. But this girl does inch along the floor. We have this big rug with all of her toys on it...and she just moves around to what she wants. I imagine she will crawl early!
- Jules is still a very happy baby. She smiles at anyone and everything and is giggling a lot lately too.
- She is finally sleeping through the night 5 out of 7 nights a week I would say. Every once in a while, I have to go in and give the passy...but she is doing great. We did have to let her cry it out for many nights...and that sucks for a mommy! But, it paid off and she is doing fabulous!!! Sleeping through the night for Jules at 5 months means about 9:00 pm to about 6:30 am.

Here is Baby Jules at 5 months! What a big girl!!!

Jules at 5 months

Jillian at 5 months

Here is what Jules has been up to in her 5th month in pictures (some have been previously viewed...sorry for repeats!)...
Trying on her teeny-tiny tutu for is gonna be so cute people! My mom found this tutu at Canton and it has like a 3 inch inseam! It is the tiniest and most precious thing I have ever seen!

Tu-tu'ed out!

Playing on the floor with toys

Cheering on the Hogs to probably one of their ONLY wins of the season

Hanging out in Jillian's room

Sitting up playing with toys proud of herself

Trying rice cereal. This is the best picture of her eyes that I have gotten. It really shows just how blue they are.

Playing with Jilly

Playing together...Jillian dominating Jules' toys and Jules pulling Jillian's hair! I love to see them interact! It is so fun to watch!

Laying in Momma's bed watching Mickey Mouse, no doubt. Jules posing while Jillian is being camera shy!

Again laying in Momma's bed. This is a morning tradition for these girls to do. Jules looks slightly albino in this picture, but she isn' don't worry! I love when they lay here like this because they ALWAYS hold hands and it is too cute. This is extra special too, because Jillian is such a touch-me-not...she will NEVER hold my hand except when we pray.

Jules and her first Sonic drink...I think they weigh the same amount.

Sitting in the Bumbo with her pouty lip

On a totally different note...the THROWBACK picture (you remember...the Laura Ashley dresses) was such a big hit, so I am going to find some more of those to share! It should be really funny considering my family has always had a thing for all denim pictures in the past!

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Rachel said...

I LOVE THAT TUTU!! Can't wait to see them for Halloween!!

I can't believe she is already 5 months old...I love those lips!! I also really like that leopard outfit =)! ADORABLE as always!!

Rachel said...

Oh - and I got that dress of Claire's here in Rogers at a boutique, I will check next time I there to see if they have little ones and will send them for Christmas =)!

Tara Caire said...

omg that tutu is adorable!!!!!!! She is growing so fast! Love the hogs attire too! :)

Summer said...

The closeup of the girls in bed is TOO cute! I love it. And, I swear the closeup of her in the Bumbo at the end is really Seth. Don't lie!

Carolyn said...

I love these pictures and I miss my girls so much! Can't wait for our sleepover in October!!
ps I never told you how great that zebra rug looks, it really is too cool!!!!
love you!

Katie said...

I love baby Jules' chubby cheeks! Can't believe she is already 5 months!!!

Amy (Metz) Walker said...

Your girls are just precious and that rug is awesome! I want one!

Mindy said...

haha please provide as many throw back pictures as possible. I am thinking about putting one up just because you are doing it! In regards to little missy being 5 months old. Whow! That was so fast and she is still so tiny to me. Love the cereal eating photo.