Sunday, September 14, 2008

Trip To LA

Ok, that title might just be sightly misleading. We actually went to Louisiana for my cousin's wedding a couple of weeks ago (Not the COOL LA!!!)...and we got to see some family that we rarely ever see anymore. I will spare you with an entire blog post complaining about how bad my kids were the entire weekend...and instead put up the few deceiving pictures that make this trip look like it was fun! I'm kidding...sort of. Actually, it was great seeing family....just Jillian is in the REALLY REALLY TERRIBLE TWOS stage right now, and Baby Jules had her 4 month shots the morning that we NIGHTMARE is the best way I can describe both of their dispositions for those couple of days. Still...the FEW pictures of our family...minus Aunt K, who had to hoo.

Our family shot...

The Dales

Dad and Mom...aren't they a good looking couple!!! Hard to believe they have 5 granddaughters...they look like a couple of newly-weds!

Here is the proof...5 girls in all different sizes!! Take your pick!

Here are 4 generations...Carl and Barbara Allison (GreatPapaw and GreatMemaw), Dirk Allison (Papaw), Me, and Baby Jules

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Rachel said...

I love that picture of your parents with the girls!! I wish your girls could travel better, we are going to have to come see you instead =)!

Carolyn said...

I love the look on Marcy's face when all the kids are sitting with them, she is SO pretty. And yes, I have always thought D&M were a gorgeous couple. :)

Carolyn said...

And wait just one that REALLY, truly....a picture of the Dale girls and they ARENT wearing matching outfits?????!!!!

Look around you Ellen, we're at the threshold of hell!!!!