Thursday, September 11, 2008

Go Hogs Go

We had our first official Razorback party as a family of 4! Tailgating/football-watching parties are DEFINITELY NOT what they used to be when I was in college...can I get an AMEN? Ha...we still had a lot of fun though!!! We all went over to The Dale's house to watch the game. The girls finally got to wear their Hog shirts that I made for them back here....and they looked so cute together cheering on their favorite college team! I am pretty sure that this was the LAST game the Hogs will win this year...Daddy's words, not at least we got to do it in style!!!

Is this NOT the cutest Razorback fan that ever lived??

Here is my attempt at getting the girls picture together. As you can see, Jillian is not being very cooperative these days! This child gives the terrible twos a WHOLE new meaning!!!! (more on this later)

Oh well, at least you can see Baby Jules' face...and she looks cute!!!

Here is Mimi with all of her GRANDgirls. Isn't my mom hot? She should be the perfect motivation to me and all you young girls out there to wear sunscreen EVERY DAY!!! My mom looks like she is in her 30's!!!

Here is Baby Jules TRYING to suck her thumb. She has been doing it a lot lately and I am not sure what to do. Thumb sucking is cute and all...but so hard to break...and then you have a kid sticking their dirty hands in their mouth all the time. Jillian tried sucking her thumb, but I didn't let her...I stuck the passy in everytime and then she got used to that. It sure is cute though...

You may not notice, but there is actually a Papaw underneath this pile of girls. Look how much they love him!!!! They are all in his face and he couldn't be happier!

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Dirk said...

You Mom is hot and I do love the Granddaughters!

Rachel said...

OMG - Your dad is AWESOME!!

Love the outfits!! The girls are so adorable in them and I have been waiting to see them! (I remember that post from what seems like years ago!!)The poor Hogs, it is going to be a sad year for the boys!!

Hey - I have a link on my blog to "Bibs and Cribs" and it is a local woman here that makes tons of fun stuff - she is making Claire and Owen some hog stuff - you should check her out!!

Elizabeth said...

I love your dad's comment! Your mom does look so, so young!

Your girls are precious in their outfits. I love that Jillian is even holding her head down in one of the pictures- oh, little girls!

The Brown Family said...

So sweet and precious! Girl Sterling skipped terrible twos and went straight to terrible threes! At least they won't be like this forever! I love their I wish I had a little girl!

Mittig family said...

What cute little razorback-ettes! Their little outfits are precious!

I loved the Bradie story. I can't wait to meet your new BF. Oh, and I did a little research and I don't think the Dallas World Aquarium is closing-yea! I think the one in Fair Park was having trouble, but not the World one in downtown. Let me know if you know different!

Kim said...

I went to Harding with Summer and Layton! So, this is how I stumbled onto your blog-that and seeing the "Go Hogs Go"!
I have to know where you found all of the Arkansas outfits for the kids.
Your girls are beautiful.
You are right, you're mom is, too!
Congratulations-good genes!

Kelly said...

Too cute! The sister pix are better than the one I tried to take this AM. Baby screamed while Jenna squeezed her!

Tara Caire said...

how cute are those pictures of the girls and your dad! I am looooovin the hogs stuff!! Im glad the hogs have this weekend off.. i was not excited to seep them get ripped to shreds!

marcy said...

The 3 pictures of the girls - especially Jillian's reactions are priceless!
RE - the TERRIBLE TWOS - "This too shall pass"!
RE - Jules thumbsucking - us thumbsuckers must unite! Summer sucked her fingers and I sucked my thumb until at least 7ish - and look how good we turned out???!!!
It may not seem like it at the time, but these moments pass by so day they will be beautiful memories for you to savor and funny stories to tell others!

Carolyn said...

Marcy has always been that hot...that's the crazy thing about it!!!
And....did Dirk like grow more leg hair recently or something, or is it just me!?! :)