Monday, September 8, 2008

What Can Brown Do For You?

A couple of weeks ago, we went to see my mom's stepmom at her retirement center. She loves to show off all of the great-grandgirls to all of her friends! So, we went up to have lunch and parade around the center. I am sure there were many a hearing aides being turned OFF that day! These girls ran through the halls giggling and squealing...and we had MANY admirers!!!

About the outfits...because this is crucial information...I had received this precious bubble for Jules as a baby gift. My mom just happened to find a dress for Jillian to match! I LOVE brown...probably my favorite color to decorate with. So, brown bubbles + brown bows = new favorite matching outfits!!!!

Here is Baby Jules looking extra bright-eyed and big-cheeked!!!

Jillian BARELY letting me snap a shot of her. I am really shocked that she is actually smiling i this one!
I couldn't really get a good one of just the two of here is the best of the worst:

I don't know why some pictures post correctly and some to the center...really makes no sense and is starting to get on my nerves!
Macy, Jillian, Jo, Jules, Ansley, Emerson

The chaos that is our family

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Rachel said...

I love the Brown outfits! I love to see pictures of all the girls together, it looks like so much fun!!!

The Brown Family said...

I,too, love much goes with it! I can't believe Jules is getting so big. When you put her next to Jillian, so looks bigger! How cute are those outfits! I pray so bad that I get a girl next. I will be looking to you and Rachel for some girly ideas! :)

Carolyn said...

Ahhh it's beautiful chaos though! I love blonde babies in brown, Jules' cheeks do look extra plump in that pic.
misssssssssssssssssss you!

lauren said...

Those are the cutest outfits! Your girls are so so adorable!

Allison said...

ADORABLE the chocolate! I have been meaning to show you a picture of George-Anna in the red polkadot swim suit from Gymboree that your girls wore for Jillian's birthday? I laugh at how much I have in common with you, like the monogrammed lunch kits and preschool gear, all from the closet for almost a year, and YOU HAVE THE SAME ONES!