Monday, September 15, 2008

Sweet Cheeks

I always talk on this blog about how sweet and smiley and cute Baby Jules is...but I don't think my pictures really show just how cute and smiley (we think) she is!

DISCLAIMER: I am the is my job to think that my kids are PLEASE don't mistake that with bragging or anything!!! I know that all of you out there think your kids are the cutest too!!

Anyway, we kind of think that she just isn't very photogenic because my pictures just never show the real cuteness that is Baby Jules!!! But, lately as she has really been enjoying laying on her tummy, I have been able to get some cute shots of that face that I love. It is almost like gravity is pulling down on her cheeks and it makes them look extra round and juicy!

Hanging out in Big Sis' room

Big blue eyes...and those cheeks!

Cute Smile...this child will smile at anything...she ALWAYS has a big sweet grin on her face!

Loving her toys

We have just recently removed our coffee table from our living room, and Baby Jules just has free reign of the new rug. Her toys are everywhere...but what do you do, right?

Deep concentration...

A little smirk

Here she is really giving it to that doggy toy

And of course Big Sis had to get in on the action too...

Playing together

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Tara Caire said...

cute pictures! You just wanna squeeze those cheeks!

Carolyn said...

I LOVE those cheeks SOOOO MUCH!!! She is starting to resemble you a little bit I think...don't you???

Lane said...

She is just too cute! I wanna just pinch those cheeks! :) I can't believe how big she's getting!
I love your shirt in the post before this one!! Too cute!

Rachel said...

SWEET SWEET CHEEKS!! I could just bite them =)!! Don't worry about the disclaimer - Mama's are supposed to brag!!!

She is getting so big!!

We need to plan a trip after Tara gets married, my weekends are pretty much full until then =)!

Mindy said...

I love her sweet cheeks. I am so glad you did that post. I never get to see a good up close shot of those chubby cheeks on her wittle face! Adorable.

Kelly said...

So sweet. I know what you mean about the cheeks. I could just eat Ashley's right off!

She looks like your hubby!