Friday, September 5, 2008

Enjoying the View and BLOG ROLL

I just wanted to post this picture so that everyone can visualize how I do my computer time everyday! That is right...I am usually not alone on my end!!! I have Seth's mini-me here to help me come up with all the fun blogs that I post daily!!!

Also, I wanted to do this blog that people knew how I was connected to all of the blogs that I look at. I always like to make here we go!

Alicia.........My VERY last college roommate that I had at Harding. We lived in these REALLY nice apartments in Searcy! NOT!!! WE had LOTS of fun during the Summer of 2001! Alicia now has a little boy, Eli, that is a little older than Jules.

Allison..........One of my friends from the old Coppell High School Days! I remember us crying and thinking it was the end of the world when Allison graduated and moved away and I was still a senior! She now has two girls just like me.

Amanda N.........One of my friends at Harding. I actually knew Amanda in the 2nd grade when I lived in Bentonville for 3 months! Then we knew eachother at Harding too. She is now pregnant with her 3rd baby...WOW!!!

Amanda W.........Another Friend from Harding. We were in Kojies together and lived on that famous hall in Kendall! All the cool people did, right? She now has the cutest and most fun-looking son in the world...Harry! I think Harry and Jillian would have lots of fun together.

Annalee..........We were VERY BEST FRIENDS in the 2nd grade when I lived in Abilene. (Yes...started out the year living in Bentonville and being friends with Amanda N above, and then moved to Abilene and finished out the year with my BF Annalee! No I am not an army brat...we just moved a lot when I was young!) Annalee is such a great blogger...she has a precious little girl Adelaide...and she always posts the cutest and most original blogs!

Baby Faith..........I have never met Holli, but I used to love this blog whenever her little girl Faith was a baby and Holli was a single mom. Holli was very funny and their life was crazy back in the day.

Blasingame Twins..........Vanessa is the new mom to twins born on Sept 3...Sean and Alexa! They are teeny and precious. I went to high school and was great friends with Greg...and now Seth and I have been friends with both Greg and Vanessa for years! Vanessa is going to start blogging pictures of these babies VERY soon...she promises!

Bring The Rain..........Angie started this blog when she found out she was pregnant and her baby girl was not going to survive outside of the whom. I do not know Angie and not sure how I even found this blog, but it is a good one. She was due around the same time that I was having Jules and I just couldn't imagine carrying a baby and knowing it wouldn't survive. Angie is really funny and a great writer.

Carolyn..........My very best friend of all time! Carolyn Jane and I have been great friends since middle school and are closer now than ever before despite the fact that we are in totally different phases of life! She is like an aunt to my girls and Seth loves her like a sister like I do!!! Her blog is about achieving some MAJOR goals before she turns 30 in less than a year! She is really funny and I always enjoy seeing pictures of her fun life of going out and wearing cute clothes...while I am at home covered in spit up and babies! Carolyn...come rescue me and take me out on the town!!!!

Courtney..........We were friends our freshman year at Harding. Courtney is now pregnant with her first little girl who will be named Brentley. Such a cute name!!!!

Dale Girls..........Duh, you all know how we are connected. Summer is my sister and her blog is about my three precious nieces, Ansley (6), Macy (4), and Emerson (almost 2)! Summer and I are fortunate enough to live one street away from eachother and so we hang out a lot...and the girls all run around like sisters! Jillian is MAJORLY obsessed with these Dale girls. She thinks that their house is just one big slumber party all the time.
Dallas..........I actually know Dallas because I used to be the best of friends with Dallas' sister, Marty, our freshman year at Harding. So, I didn't actually know Dallas, but love keeping up with her blog. Her daughter Nora, is just a few months older than Jillian...and they seem to be a lot alike. I enjoy her posts on Nora's temper tantrums and lack of potty training...because I could write the exact same stories about Jillian! Dallas is really funny and posts often...which is my favorite quality in a blogger!
Elizabeth..........I lived in Nashville for like 6 months or something, and Elizabeth was my best friend! (It sure sounds like I have had about 100 best friends...but to my credit, I have lived in a bunch of different places people!!!) We used to have so much fun hanging out at her apartment and doing lots of silly things! I have some of the greatest memories of throwing chocolate-peanut butter balls off of the balcony into the Nashville snow!!! Now Elizabeth has two little girls...both a little older than mine...and I love reading their stories. Elizabeth is really funny and has the best hair!

Faith..........I don't know Faith, but her son, Gavin was born with HLHS and their story was very interesting to follow. He is now doing great and almost 2 years old...and this little boy is such a cutie!

Jennifer..........I have never met Jennifer, but her husband used to be friends with Seth and I at Harding. They have a little girl named Emma.

Julie..........I have never met Julie, but I enjoy reading her blog about her two little girls. They are actually closer than my two, so that makes me feel like I am not the only crazy one out there! Julie is Amanda N.'s sister-in-law.

Katie........I don't know Katie in person, but I think we are a lot alike just from reading her blog. She lives in NWA and is due with her little boy, Kaleb any minute. She may even be in labor as I type this. Katie loves custom baby rooms, polka dots, and monograms about as much as I I know we would get along great if we ever meet one day!

Kelly........I found Kelly from Amanda W, Katie, and Annalee's doesn't make any since since I know Amanda W from Harding, Annalee from Abilene, and Katie just from blogworld. But, somehow, Kelly is famous enough to be on all of these blog rolls. Kelly has suffered from infertility for a long time, but is now 21 weeks pregnant with a little girl...Harper.

Kelly and Girls..........Not sure how I found Kelly, but she also has two girls like mine. Her oldest, Jenna looks like a lot of fun and reminds me of Jillian. Kelly posts almost every day...which of course if a plus for me!

Kim........Kim is another friend from Harding. We lived on the same hall and were both in Kojies...but we really became good friends through blogging. Her daughter Adalie is SO much like Jillian...they share a lot of the same stories! Kim is about to have her 2nd baby this November...Baby James.

Kristin..........Kristin and her husband Neil go to church with Seth and I. They are so much fun to be around and we have loved the few times that we actually got to hang out with them without our children!

Lane..........I knew Lane at Harding, but really got to know her because her husband, Heath and Seth were best friends in High School. We always try to hang out together when we make it back up to Arkansas...which isn't too often these days. They have this PRECIOUS son, Sterling...who Seth is just in love with!!! Such a cutie and great personality!

Lauren..........Lauren and I also were friends at Harding. She has a spunky 2 year old son, James, and another little boy on the way and due in November! Everyone that I was pregnant with the first time is now having their 2nd! I feel left out...I already had mine...Boo hoo! :)

Leeanne..........Leeanne and I knew eachother when I lived in Nashville. Our mothers used to be the best of friends when my whole family was in TN. Now Leeanne lives in Dallas too with her husband.

Macy Caroline..........My niece Macy, was born with some heart problems. This is her caring bridge site that has kept everyone up to date with Macy's health.

McNulty Quads..........This dad is HILARIOUS when he does the blogs. He will put quotes of what he thinks his four kids are saying...and it really makes me laugh outloud!

Mindy..........Yet, another best friend of mine. Mindy is my best friend from Harding. We only actually lived together one summer, but we had the best time! TONS of my greatest memories from Harding include Mindy. From our apartment at Ghetto Lake to Wednesday Night Party Nights...Me and Mindy were two of a kind! Now, it is hard to believe that we are both married and mommies! She has a precious little boy, Elem...this kid has GREAT hair!

Rachel..........I met Rachel when Seth and I first started dating because she had just married Seth's other best friend from high school. Shane and Heath (Lane's hubby) are twins...and they went to HS with Seth. Rachel and I have since become good friends because we like A LOT of the same things...bows, monograms, pugs, decorating, wine...etc! Rachel has Claire and Owen and 2 dogs, Cooper and Oscar! Rachel also updates quite often.

Sandi..........Sandi and I are sort of related in a weird way that I won't even try to explain. She just had her third boy!!! She always has some good tips and menu ideas up on her blog.

Sara..........I just met Sara through Kim. They are cousins and came to town to visit and I got to hang out with them for a while. Sara is going to have her first baby boy in January.

Shelby.........I used to be friends with Shelby's mom. Shelby was born 3 weeks after Jillian...and was born with down syndrome and some heart issues. This is her caring bridge site but it rarely ever gets updated anymore.

Shelly..........Shelly and my sister Summer were best friends in high school. She has a little girl Olivia and just had her son, Jack about a month ago.

Summer..........Summer and I knew eachother at Harding...we were also in Kojies together. She only lives about 30 minutes from me but we STILL haven't gotten together yet! We will very soon though! She has 2 kiddos...Maggie and Will...and they are as close together as mine and she assured me it would be okay when I found out I was pregnant again!

Suzanne..........Suzanne just had quads about a year ago...this is her claim to fame! I knew Suzanne at Harding too.

Tammy..........Tammy's husband used to work with Seth, and that is how Tammy and I got to be friends. She has a little girl, Sydney, and is pregnant with another baby.

Tara..........Tara is Rachel's sister and she just started a fun blog. She is planning a wedding and will be getting married soon. I am a little jealous...that was such a fun time in my life when I was planning my wedding! Tara also has great hair!

Tesney..........Tesney and Summer were friends at Harding. She is a die-hard Alabama fan and has a son named Clayton...he is just a little older than Jillian. Tesney is really funny and sarcastic and I enjoy reading her blog!

WOW...that turned out way longer than I meant for it too! I meant to just start with the picture of Jules...and now, here I am!

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Rachel said...

That picture of Jules sitting on the desk is hilarious!! I sit on the couch (because I have boycotted my office until I redecorate =)) and have a pug above my head on the cushion, Oscar at my feet, Owen in my lap, and Claire next to me, all while watching some random Disney cartoon...FUN FUN!

The Brown Family said...

Thanks for the shout out!! I too was in the famous hall at Harding, but was the dorky freshman that just so happen to be mixed in with all the older girls...but hey we at least had something in common, Kojies! That seems like just yesterday!

You guys need to come up here to we can see baby Jules and Jillian and Sterling can play! They are growing up so fast! I love the picture of Jules at the computer! I sit at the table while Sterling usually crawling all over me asking me if I'm blogging about him! ha :) If he only knew!

Wish you guys were going to be here for tonight...the pre-reunion get together. Rachel and I could use a familiar face!

Carolyn said...

I love that you did that B, because i am in love with so many of those blogs/women that you mentioned...and I only know them through you and your blog! Rachel, Lane, Annalee, Tara and a couple others are my favorite. Thanks for introducing me to your blog friends!

annalee said...

it's so great reading about all the connections! i too love figuring out how everyone knows one another!

Mindy said...

I love that you did this yo! I always click through your blog to see other peoples (blog stalker I know!) so its good to see the connections. :) And I truly miss our days at Ghetto Lake. You were the funnest room mate ever. To this day-you even beat Seth! I miss you B!

Elizabeth said...

That was fun to read! I like that you are updating so often-its hard when you have constant "helpers", but the rest of us really enjoy reading about your family!

Katie said... baby...i'm sitting here reading blogs!! Funny...bc I have no idea where you live other than somewhere in TX! We actually live right outside of Little Rock in Benton...but we travel to NWA all the time bc of friends and in-laws (oh...and the hogs!).

April Jackson said...

This is April Jackson, used to be Goodwin. I found your blog through Lane Brown's. I'm pretty sure you were my big sister in Kojies my freshman year! Your little girls are adorable. My husband and I live in Denton with our 5 month old daughter Avery. My blog is private but email me at if you want to see if you remember me.

Tara Caire said...

thanks for the shout out! Wedding planning is soo much fun! Im going to miss it when its all over

Reagan Martin said...

Now you will have to add Josh, too bad you already did this post....that would have been a fun one to hear! Strangely it sounds like our lives have ended up much the same!

Anonymous said...

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